Pretty Paper Hearts Journal

Yesterday I posted about Patricia’s new ideas for her Pretty Paper Hearts challenge blog.  I got so excited I stayed up until 3am.   For my journal, I chose a 1958 Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, tearing out and gluing some pages together for strength.


Using a heart I made for a PPH challenge back in November as my inspiration piece, I got busy


I like the idea of writing your feelings, letting them flow onto the page as a release.  You could paint over what you wrote; I decided to add paper strips over my journaling.


Behind the hand Mudra (and at the top on the right page) are pieces of fabric “paper” that I made in Beryl Taylor’s Art and Soul class a couple of years ago.


So I have started another journal and am enjoying it already.  Next, I will play with the Harlequin Grunge Background.   Also decided to date the journal page somewhere….

24 responses to “Pretty Paper Hearts Journal

  1. Hello Patty,
    that’s a beautiful altered page you made. The background with paper strips are very nice and the heart with the woman are gorgeous. The swan full of curiosity makes it very interesting. Thank you for the nice link of the pretty-heart-blog.


  2. These journal pages are scrumptious Patty! I have found art journalling to be quite addictive, I can only stay away from it now for short periods of time…..


  3. Wow this jourmal page is absolutely brilliant.
    Fantastic colors and design. Love them.


  4. oo patty!! how wonderful! i LOVE the paper strips with your writing peeking through! just beautiful!!


  5. maybe you remember I had the intention of starting an art journal. It was fine when it come to illustrating, but when I reached the point of actual journaling I got stuck. I just suck at writing my feelings : (

    Ironically I have to do so for one of my subjects. Hopefully that’ll help me in giving the art journal a second chance : p


  6. You really did stay up all night Patty, what gorgeous pages you started in your journal 🙂


  7. How lovely and evocative, the layering is brilliant!


  8. Oh, Patty this is beautiful. I think we are on to something here with the Hearts Journal. Thanks so much for being an inspiration.


  9. Very nice!! Could you bring that for show and tell to tea also???? 12 days and counting……………….!!!


  10. Beautiful! I can’t believe you can stay up til 3 a.m. and do wonderful art. I crater by midnight.


  11. Śliczne są te art. Bardzo mi się podobają.


  12. What gorgeous pages ! great image and colors!!!


  13. Patty, these journalpages are so wonderful ! Very inspiring!


  14. I am not LOL, but I am chuckling, on the day you are posting about your new beautiful, and stunning, I might add, new hearts journal – I am posting on my “wall notebook” inspired over at Michelle Ward’s blog. What a hoot – you hearts, me graffiti! : )


  15. Wonderful journal spread. So serene and inspiring!


  16. Another stunning piece (er, pages). I love the paper strips idea. Your patterns and textures are so wonderful together.


  17. Such serene pages….wonderful colours….lovely images (I use mudra seals in my yoga classes). I love the way you’ve used the paper strips – it works beautifully.


  18. Your journal pages are fantastic. The lovely swan is perfect.


  19. Very inspirational journal! I am just getting into making art journals and it is so much fun. We had the Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia in the house when I was growing up… brings back memories.


  20. Patty – your work is wonderful. I saw your journal on Pretty Paper Hearts and it has inspired me to start a heart journal as well. As soon as it is dry I will be taking some photos and posting it to my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!



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