Saturday’s Workout

Saturday’s Workout is to make a shrine.  I have several shrine stamps that I like very much, so I used one of those to get started on my 6 x 4 postcardshrine

“The wisest follow their own direction” ~Euripides

11 responses to “Saturday’s Workout

  1. Wow Patty this is brilliant.
    Fantastic design. Love them.

    Thanks Patty for made a shrine on SaWo.


  2. Gorgeous shrine, Patty. This is the shape of the Austrian shrines we saw. I love how you have the beautiful image placed so that she is leaning out over the edge. Very cool. Wonderful colors, too.


  3. Your shrine is wonderful, Patty !
    I love looking at your blog.


  4. beautiful work, patty! she’s really lovely! please stop by and see what i found today…it made me think of you!!


  5. Lynn Stevens

    Patty ,your work just blows me away, never a disappointmet! and so inspiring. Love your altered cutlery also. Simply Amazing!!


  6. lovely shrine Patty, the background is loverly!jenxo


  7. This is beyond beautiful Patty!


  8. Beautiful shrine! Especially when viewed large. She is such the perfect image for that quote!

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, and for the sage advice – you are so right.


  9. You must be oh so wise – ’cause you are definitely following your own direction!!!! :>)


  10. Oh I love your purple. Fantastic shrine.


  11. Really beautiful!


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