parade of colors and thank you

some photos from our garden before the rains came

*click pics if you’d like a little closer look*


the blossoms on our Kwanzan Cherry tree out front are just unfurling


yellow Primrose


Candytuft and Lilac


why these trees, native to Virginia, are called Redbud?  I have never seen a red one….they grow by the roadsides leaning out of the forest for sun


I call these “Snowbells”, would Love to know the real name, they were given to me many years ago by a lovely lady, Liz Winger.  She remained active in garden club events and the community until her late 80’s living on her own


lots of Robin Redbreasts in the garden….Lunaria popping up here and there


and the tulips,  my husband took some gorgeous photos


he really wanted to catch a bee in this picture, but they were a bit flighty *ggg*….he saw a praying mantis like image in the photo above


the last of the daffodils


one of my favorite Spring quotes:

“Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke


The lovely and oh so talented Lynn in Ontario has presented me with the

Peter Breese award

Be sure and visit Lynn, at Her Creative Spirit blog for lots of eye candy and inspiration.   Her Etsy shoppe is full of lovely offerings you won’t want to miss either.

16 responses to “parade of colors and thank you

  1. Beautiful flowers and photos!!! I love those ones from Liz Winger!!!


  2. Your flowers are sooo pretty! Love the photos.


  3. What a beautiful garden you have Patty, and it is so like an aunt of mine in England !!
    mine is a dustbowl and the only things growing after 4 years of drought are geraniums, daisys and weeds!! jenxo


  4. Gorgeous photos–the flowers are unbelievable!


  5. OH my goodness gracious me 🙂 Just look at your garden, your blooms. We have nothing like this yet here in my part of Ontario, I keep checking every day for some sign of green life. It seems we don’t get a Spring anymore, it often goes from cold to hot all of a sudden. We are having a few days of rain too, so hopefully it will help 🙂 Thanks for sharing and saying such lovely things about me, I am blushing now….


  6. Oh, so lovely pictures of your garden, each one better than the one before, but Robin Redbreast wins hands down for me!


  7. How fantastic, thank you for the photos. Your garden is so much beautiful, I’m excited.
    I wish you so luck with the flowers and happiness
    using the garden feeling now and the whole year!
    Hugs and sunshine,


  8. No Way! These amazing photos are from your garden?! Do you have an army of gardeners primping each flower for their close up?

    STUNNING display of color!


  9. Hi Patty
    Now thats a beautiful garden! You must be very proud of it. The photographs are just fabulous (and yes, I can see the praying mantis!)
    Linda x


  10. I think the flower you’re wondering about (the bell shaped one) is a type of “fritillaria.”

    You have a beautiful garden Patty! Thank you for sharing! I hope the rains were easy on things …..


  11. oo thank you for sharing your lovely spring! we have sun and blustery wind…nothing popping yet though….waiting for tuplips and dafodils…hope your back is better…


  12. Your flowers are so gorgeous! I wish we had beautiful blooms here in Michigan right now!


  13. Beautiful flowers, Patty! And a lovely quote, too!

    Heather (from PW)


  14. You live in a paradise!! Such a lovely and colourful blossoms!


  15. Patty your garden is just fantastic. I sure miss the variety of flowers that your have. I envy you. Love the Buddha.


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