My first Junk Journal

Linda and Nathalie made me do it 🙂  They both have created amazing journals out of cereal boxes and more!  I got so excited when I saw their junk journals, I just had to give it a whirl.

Mine started with a Calcium Chew box, it looked just the right size for my first journal, approximately 4.25 x 5.25 inches (10,8 x 13,3 cm)


The panel on the left that I stitched on and embellished with bling and white gel pen is from the inside of a Yogi Tea box


Since I collect (another word for can’t throw away) paper, cardboard packaging and ephemera, it was not hard to find bits of this and that to punch and insert into my journal.  I am not a big gadget girl, but the Crop-a-dile was perfect for this project with lots of hole punching…punches like butta.  That is a tool I would not want to be without.

The twist ties are temporary, this is a work in progress.  I know I have the perfect rings here somewhere.  I saw some nice white ones when I was cleaning up a few weeks ago…happens to me alot when I rearrange things!

here are a few of the papers I used: old blank note card, flash card, ledger paper, computer punch card, cardboard from tea box, vellum papers torn from spiral notebook, light cardboard packaging from craft supplies, calendar pages, book text, puzzle pages, postcards from mail, small gift bag (as a pocket), piece of roadmap, cardstock….things keep popping up that say put me in the junk journal!

I think this will be fun to  keep in the car for jotting notes and such in.

Be sure and visit Nathalie and Linda to see what they’ve created.

16 responses to “My first Junk Journal

  1. Glenda Tkalac

    This is such a great idea, love how you’ve made this using recycled materials!!


  2. Such fun to read about your junk journals. My little local art group is in the midst of a journal swap, and here’s the link to the journal I made. I have to admit I ‘prettied it up” with papers from my wallpaper sample book I begged at a local wallpaper store!


  3. You’re so creative ! I love your blog .
    I added you to my links
    Thanks Patty !


  4. P.S. The item I mentioned (above) is far down on the page, so it’s necessary to scroll down to find it. Sorry about that.


  5. OK – guess what I am doing now – looking for the last empty cereal box to try this – thanks alot!!! LOL I should be making dinner!!!


  6. Yessss…. so glad you made one. Aren’t they addictive. Soon I’ll have all of my paper in a junk journal. NOT…but I am trying.


  7. What a great project. It looks so cool! I just love to see a joyrnal bursting with pages!


  8. Love this Patty, especially the upcycled Yogi tea box innards 🙂
    I have several of these going and have some ready for my “upcycled” corner in my booth next weekend………..


  9. oH patty , what a neat idea, i love recycling …jenxo


  10. bring this to the next meeting at wegmans.. gotta see it!


  11. Patty, your covers are WONDERFUL! Of course, you have good materials! Who would think calcium chews could look so good? I finished a junk journal for Linda today. Forgot to take pictures (smacking head) so now will have to wait until she takes pictures and posts it. Because I know she will!

    On to the next box….


  12. What great ideas for creatively recycling, the journal is terrific and your idea to use it in the car is perfect. Just love it all, it fits!!!


  13. see I knew there was a list of things I need to do now that I’ve finally finished the tags! and here was me thinking I’d start with the grunge background, oh what to do what to do!! superb inspiration Mx


  14. I have always hated throwing away empty yogi tea boxes because they are so beautiful. Now I know that I should save them for you, too. xoxoxox


  15. a gal after my own heart! How fun is this! I have been thinking about what to cut up around here recently and love this idea!


  16. Oh this is cool! I have a “stash it book”, I’ll have to do a post about it!


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