Simple Pleasures

each day in our garden there are new surprises


wish you could smell the delicate fragrance of these Wisteria blooms


walking barefoot in the morning dew to pick a few posies…not something I would normally do in April, walk barefoot that is….we’re having a little heat wave with temperatures a good 20 degrees warmer than usual




the lily of the valley are just coming on, white ones first and later some pink


a sure sign that Spring is here,  my sweetie surprised me by putting up our angel is just off our back porch….the sound of the water is beautiful….the birds enjoy it too

“No two gardens are the same.  No two days are the same in one garden.”  ~Hugh Johnson

never enough flowers, if you missed them here and here…

***April 2011 – I am playing along with Ana’s Friday Archive Dive and entered this post for her “Garden” theme***

11 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous gardens..


  2. Ooooooo what gorgeous blooms. My garden is just waking up, lots of buds and not much else yet.


  3. Is walking barefoot akin to tiptoe through the tulips? Lovely pics, liebling!!


  4. peaceful tranquility


  5. Oh, I love the smell of wisteria…. I can smell it when Charley and I walk… I just stop and take it in. It only lasts a few weeks!


  6. Beautiful pictures, beautiful flowers all. I love those tiny bud vases for a snip of this and a clipping of that and your Rabbit’s Foot Fern makes a lovely backdrop.


  7. gorgeous!! the little vases in the glass carrier=precious!!!


  8. I love the way you’ve displayed your wonderful flowers Patty…. just perfect. And the angel fountain…..well, can you imagine how green I am? I want one!
    Linda x


  9. Your artful photos make me miss the spring time in D.C. That was always my favorite time of year there. Some year soon, I’ll have to come and visit in the springtime. xoxox


  10. Patty your flower photos are just awesome!!! I’m going to have to come visit you more often – my muse and motivation have been missing, and I think your blog is the place to find them! Marva


  11. thank you patty! i’m so glad you joined in… you added a good dose of pretty to the dive. and your title “simple pleasures” reminds me of a sign i have in my garden. i might have a photo of it…

    oh just found it! but you’ve already been there 🙂


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