Tea Tuesday: Kombucha

Tea Time Tuesday is here again, be sure and stop by Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons for more tea posts

I am trying a new Yogi Tea, Green Tea Kombucha, in a mug I have had for many years


Here is part of what it says on the Yogi Tea box: “This effective blend of green tea and kombucha is designed to enhance your immune system, fight fatigue and detoxify your body.  Not to mention that simply saying “kom-boo-chaw” will make you smile.”

“Your breath is the voice of your soul” ~Yogi Tea tag

Julie Prichard’s online Layer Love painting class began last night (my first ever online class).  I woke up with paint on my hands after dreaming of layers and layers of paint.  It’s not too late to sign up for Julie’s class, sign up closes 22 May.  She is a natural teacher, no nonesense, brilliant and inspiring instruction.

My husband got the laptop set up in my art room (amazing we found a flat safe surface) . Now I can watch Julie’s video and paint step by step (trying to keep paint off the keyboard).  Part Two today!

9 responses to “Tea Tuesday: Kombucha

  1. Isn’t kombucha that tea I made with the big yeast like mushroom thing last year!!???? This is MUCH easier – pre packaged!!I’ll have to check this out!!


  2. Love the colorful and playful mug, great for first thing in the morn!


  3. That’s a great mug! Doesn’t a thing taste so much better when sipped from a lovely container? I’ve got boxes of various Yogi Teas. Love their teas, and their wonderful boxes. I may just sign up for Julie’s class, though I’d have to hold off on actually participating for a bit. Everything’s up in the air here right now ’cause of the remodeling (yes! I am super excited about it!).


  4. Playing catchup today on your blog. The Old Man and the Sea is so inspirational and your tea so relaxing. I loved Julie’s class last night too. Will break out the paints tonight after I figure out how to “easle” my paper so it will drip nicely! OH OH – I see stuff falling around me along with the dripping paint. LOL


  5. Your mug looks just like something that would be yours! Very whimsical ….. I love reading the tea bags and boxes (the philosophical ones) They always have awesome quotes too 🙂

    Enjoy your class – thanks for the link – I’m off to go check it out!

    Have a sweet sweet day Patty!


  6. Good afternoon,
    What a cozy post – love browsing your interesting and enlightening posts. Did you know you are inspirational? You are!

    Today I began by planting some pole bean, cosmos, nasturtium, and lavender seeds, upgrading my DeStash site, and tomorrow will continue to edit my Faerie Tales, and on and on it goes. Yep, I do love to be productive. Talk to you soon, Have a great week,



  7. Oh! I forgot about Yogi tea! I’ve not drank any in at least 25 years. I shall drink some soon.


  8. We did the mushroom thing a few years back too, I like your tea bag much better. Nice mug too 🙂


  9. Your Tea sounds just like what i need!!!!

    look forward to seeing your paint creations too…. dont get your keyboard all gummed up , i know i would!! ejnxo


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