WS: Mixed Media

The theme at Mittwochstempler/Wednesday Stamper this week is  “Mixed Media… show us how versatile rubber stamps are

I have tried my hand at soldering and decided it really is not my thing…I will probably try it again sometime… but in the meantime

here is an example of a microscope slide that is taped and wrapped with wire and beads, without soldering

microscope slides

front and back views of words stamped onto the glass with collage pieces sandwiched in between…using a transparency, pressed flower, book text and skeletonized leaf

34 responses to “WS: Mixed Media

  1. OMG Patty you´ve made amazing wonderferul pieces. These are lovely. Fantastic.

  2. I like it just as well w/o soldering!!!

  3. Wonderful microslide, Patty!

  4. so beautiful – love that wire/beads around the glass!

  5. Lynn Stevens

    Wonderful, They look great the way they are, but don’t give ,you’ll get it!

  6. This is great and it’s like having two in one, both sides are great. I love it.

  7. This looks gorgeous, love the beading!

  8. Oooooh! I LOVE this!!! I don’t imagine I can find microscopic slides very easily, but I have tried my hand with eyeglass lenses, and I think that is close enough! I will have to try YOUR method of collage with MY eyeglass lenses… maybe throw in a little crochet even… and see what kind of necklaces I can come up with! You don’t sound entirely happy with yours, but they are beautiful, and obviously inspiring!

  9. This is really lovely, Patty. You are so talented!

  10. But they look awesome Patty!
    Love them!

  11. that’s a wonderful pendant!!

  12. Gorgeous! Very creative!

  13. Wow, Patty. This is so pretty. You are amazing with those slides. I don’t solder either and don’t even have the soldering iron. Your taping looks good to me.

  14. These are beautiful. Fine job I say.

  15. Gorgeous art piece, Patty!! Beautiful. Love the wire wrapping and beads!

  16. Angela Sturm

    Fantastic slide hanger ! The layers are great !

  17. Great piece! Love the wire and beading. No soldering needed if you ask me! Its lovely just as it is.

  18. These are wonderful pieces- just beautiful. I love microscope slides myself! Don’t give up on soldering- it gets easier and it is such a great skill to have!

  19. Oh my gosh, Patty … these are fabulous!

  20. loverly pieces Patty

  21. Audrey Meijs

    Gorgeous Patty!

  22. this is lovely Patty, the wire and beads around the glass look gorgeous! might not be your thing but it certainly came out fab!

  23. What a special pendant – and you’ve displayed it perfectly on the blue. I would never have thought of using wire and beads in that way – you always inspire us Patty!
    Linda x

  24. Two fab pieces. I love how you used the wire.

  25. NICE! I love the wire and beads addition. Security in case the tape fails? 😉 I don’t miss the solder. The pendant looks complete without it.

  26. Glenda Tkalac

    I think these are gorgeous!! I bought a soldering gun and some materials to make some pendants but haven’t been brave enough yet!! haha

  27. They are fantastic Patty, even without souldering 🙂
    Remember I bought a solder kit? Still havn’t been in the mood to try it. I thought I would be more excited than I am, or maybe I am just afraid of failing LOL

  28. Patty, these are simply gorgeous. Lovely!

  29. Both pieces are wunderful!!

  30. This is wonderful, love the wire and the beading.

  31. oh patty, that is absolutely beautiful… great art work! and i really love your blog, all the wonderful photos… always a pleasure to visit

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