Layer Love: The Old Sea Calls to Me

Lesson two of Julie Prichard’s Layer Love is “The Old Sea Calls to Me”.  I have done three 9×12″ pieces so far.  Knowing how much paint to put out on my palette for mixing is one of the things I need to fine tune; don’t want to waste any paints 🙂  I found that scanning the pieces made them look even darker than when I photographed them.

Here is my second piece for Lesson 2


and a third attempt


There is so much to learn, Julie is a great teacher…’s fun having painty hands!  I am going to have quite a lot of background pieces.  You can see Julie’s gorgeous class canvas here.

9 responses to “Layer Love: The Old Sea Calls to Me

  1. You’re paintings are very beautiful. I like the colours and textures. Mine area very similar lesson 1 and lesson 2. But it’s my first painting class, so, I’m learning a lot.


  2. Looks like you got the hang of her method!!! I like it!!! I thought about taking her class also – but no $$$ – and it’s closing soon, oh, well!! Her promo video is hilarious!!!


  3. oh my you have been busy….. the backgrounds look wonderful , bet you’ll enjoy adding to them. Jenxo


  4. stunning background Patty! I could dive right on in there. Great link, very funny vid, of course I missed the cut off! next time…Mx


  5. I’m sure Julie’s class is awesome, and you are a quick study!! Oh my what will you do with all these gorgeous backgrounds?? GO LARGE(R) perhaps??!!
    LOVE your garden photos too!! I’m coming east this summer, I hope you know……..


  6. Patty… wow! Love your blues. Julie’s brilliant, isn’t she? So supportive! Your green looks like the twin to my dark blue – it’s gorgeous. I think we’re meant to have dark edges, so why worry? I love this and am having such fun!
    Go watch Video 3 – a-maz-ing! xoxoxo

    Goes with the bells on my tambourine, GF!!


  7. ooo how exciting!!! can’t wait to see what you do next!


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