Layer Love 3: Old World Golds

Lesson 3 with Julie Prichard taught us a lot about blending and using Polymer Medium Gloss to add texture

a little glare below, sometimes I rush the photo process in my excitement

knowing the amounts of paint to begin with seems important since you are mixing constantly to get different shades and depths to the canvas…..I will continue to practice, practice, practice

next we’re using crackle paste 🙂

9 responses to “Layer Love 3: Old World Golds

  1. Oh, you will love crackle – that I have used before!!!!


  2. Paint was my first love. *sigh* Thanks for the reminder!


  3. ooo well done, patty!! this is beautiful!


  4. I love this colours!! Your painting is totally amazing. I didn’t make lesson 3 yet, and I didn’t ever see lesson 4. I’m looking forward the weekend to paint again.

    See you!


  5. Hooray! This is a fabulous piece!


  6. I love this, the colours are great and the background looks awesome. I hope she offers that class again.


  7. These pieces are gorgeous Patty!! The colors are so rich and the texture ~ and LAYERS ~ are beautifully done!!
    nice, nice, nice………..


  8. wow…lovin it…you have been busy!


  9. wow !!! fantastic colors and textures !!!
    and tanks a lot for your messages


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