Layer Love 4: Cracked Up

Crazed or crackle finishes have always been a favorite of mine.  Julie has us working with Distress Crackle Paint this time around and I like it!!!

I have been making two pieces for each lesson.  Here is my first canvas

*click for a closeup of the crackle highlights*

Lesson4 Canvas1

It’s another rainy day here in Virginia and my favorite photo spot on our back porch seems to be giving my canvas, that is shades of gray and black, a blue look

Lesson4 Canvas2

Here is my second crackle canvas and my first Layer Love background piece that I’ve actually created something with.  I added color by using Caran d’ache Neocolor ll crayons, along with bits of lace and a rubber stamp dipped in paint.  The images are from our Memorial Day visit to nearby Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown.

I also tried out my new Higgins Black Magic Ink, it will take more practice to get comfy with a ‘real’ nib pen

If you ever have the chance to take one of Julie’s classes, I highly recommend it.  She does a fantastic job and is a gifted artist and teacher!

My brushes are washed and ready for Layer Love 5 next week 🙂

11 responses to “Layer Love 4: Cracked Up

  1. Oh Patty, I love the images on this crackle canvas. Can’t wait for #5!


  2. Other worldly dreamy! Nice use of the lace to echo the scrolly stamped shapes. I like this piece a LOT!


  3. I love the crackle canvas – fantastic. What type of crackle are you using?


  4. Good question Brenda, I meant to include the name in the original post and now have added a link 🙂


  5. Thank you so much, Patty!!

    Mama mia! Your first piece looks awesome!!! And your finished project… PERFECT! The images are so great with this moody background.. well done!!


  6. Wow this canvas is unbelievable. This is brilliant.
    I love your inspiring work Patty.

    Have a great and sunny weekend my friend. Hugs.


  7. Very cool! I’ll have to check out those classes.


  8. This is a fantastic canvas Patty, I love the “goldened” lace pieces and the blue/grey colors-all together awsome.

    Hugs Dorthe


  9. wow Patty, really great results you’re getting with these new techniques, love this piece! fabulous backgrounds to work on, stunning colours, fab! Mx


  10. Brilliant work Patty! Love your crackles =)

    I have been busy in the garden, so have yet to do Lesson #4. Maybe later today after the Car booting!! *jingles the bells…* 😉


  11. This is absolutely fantastic, your classes are really paying off, I know you have worked hard at something different for you but you really do have the talent girl !


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