Pink Saturday at Dean and Deluca

on a recent visit to Georgetown in Washington, DC, we stopped in at Dean and Deluca known as purveyors of fine food, wine and kitchenware, for a look around

*all photos are clickable*


a great old brick building with beautiful arched windows


always on the look out for pink




snapdragons have always been a favorite flower of mine


Be sure and visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for lots more Pink Saturday fun

9 responses to “Pink Saturday at Dean and Deluca

  1. Beautiful flowers!!!Georgetown prices!!! :>) It looks like a great building – I’ve never been there……………….


  2. OOh Patty the flowers are as delish as the other goodies there!! Thanks for a great ‘pink’ lift this morning!!


  3. gorgeous pictures! and I love your zipper roses, too!


  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Patty.

    I would have been in heaven on this outing with you. I have a soft spot for snapdragons, too.


  5. Happy Pink Saturday – what a fun jaunt. I love snapdragons and hope mine are flourishing again in the garden.


  6. One day of the week I can count on for self-indulgence, Beverly’s Pink Saturday. My l♥ve for the color is fed over and over and over by the generosity of everyone who participates. This week is no exception.

    Thank you for sharing such great eye-candy. It was an absolute pleasure to visit your blog. Hoping this weekend finds you surrounded by l♥ve and happiness.


  7. beautiful blooms! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan


  8. It looks like a beautiful building and I say there are never enough flowers in the world, even in a flower market! Happy Pink Day and have a loveleigh weekend!


  9. The pink flowers are just delightful Patty ……my grandmother always used to call snapdragons ‘bunnies’ and open and shut their mouths like little puppets.
    Linda xo


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