Layer Love: Final Exam

Nine amazing lessons from the talented

Julie Prichard fromThe Land of Lost Luggage…..WOW, I’ve learned so much.

Layer Love was my first ever online class experience.  I could not be more pleased with how it all came together.  The videos and instruction are excellent, detailed, clear and…..can you tell I’m a big fan!!!

Lesson #9 was ‘The Big Gel’, and as Julie says, gel medium is good for more than just expensive glue

There was enough paint on my palette to do two canvases, here are some detail pics from my first 8 x 10″ canvas

*clickable for a closer look*

LayerLoveCanvas 1 closeups

I went to sleep with it looking like this…..feeling like it needed something


I had THE most wonderful dream about our middle son Alex, it’s been a long time since he has come to me in a dream, when I awoke I knew exactly what my canvas needed


the sunshine was a piece of fusion paper (made with paper towels and paints) that had been kicking around for awhile now, the cardboard frame was also handy, the words at the bottom are blended better than they appear here, there is glare which takes away from the washes I added

My second canvas measures 12 x 6″


using Julie’s “Julification” techniques


I may try stamping on this one to add some interest

GREAT NEWS: Registration is still open for Layer Love, have a look here. I highly recommend it.   Julie will also be doing an “Art Journaling Super Nova” on line class toward the end of the summer.  You can check her Land of Lost Luggage for details.

23 responses to “Layer Love: Final Exam

  1. This is beautiful. And…your dream…I do hope it was soooooo sweet.


  2. These canvases are gorgeous Patty, and the one with son Alex is such a sweet beauty!! I do love BLUE and you have created some wonderful hues and textures here!!
    I’m sure Julie is a terrific teacher, and equally sure that you are a quick study………


  3. OMG OMG OMG ….
    These are amazing.
    Wonderful blue and gorgeous details. Love them.


  4. Beautiful work, Patty, and the class and Julie sound wonderful. Gel medium IS wonderful stuff!


  5. Beautiful rich blues – they just glow with life. Lovely work and such lovely inspiration, your dream. Isn’t it funny how things come to us in their own delightful way if we leave the door open?


  6. They are beautiful – the first one makes me cry………….!


  7. gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Wow, Patty! You got so much out of the course. These canvases are so gorgeous. I love the one of tribute to Alex.

    Thanks for your comments on my rant about the poor boy with CP. He should never have been brought to the craft table, of course. Everything was cool this past Tuesday.


  9. Oh I do love your blue canvas, and such a nice shade of blue, and your dream of dear Alex just makes it complete. How sweet it is!


  10. Wow! Looks totally fabulous!


  11. Thank you so much, Patty..and more importantly, I love your final exam!! I am such a sucker for anything blue..well done!!


  12. Such beautiful colors in both of these!


  13. FANTASTIC!!! Love all of them!!!


  14. Fabulous piece of art. Glad you enjoyed it too.


  15. These are such beautiful canvases. Very vibrant and eye catching. I have still to try something on canvas but nervous about starting.


  16. Holy Cow – I am so jealous you finished the class. I have looked at video 1 but with work and other stuff getting in the way, I gave myself permission to delay it until after July 4! Your work is scrumptious. Love the one with your middle boy. xoxo , p.s. it is good to be back! It has been a busy two months….. now for some fun!


  17. These are so beautiful! I especially find the first one moving – I guess I can relate to it well. Made me get all teary-eyed (in a good way).


  18. Thank you!!

    By the time I’d found out abut Layers of Love registration was already closed. I was heartbroken because it didn’t sound good for a repeat any time soon.

    I had stopped checking to see if she’d changed her mind and if you hadn’t mentioned that she’d opened it up I never would have known.

    I joined last night and bought all my supplies today. Now it’s time to play!!

    Much gratitude 🙂


  19. I love the beautiful colours and texture of these 🙂 just so appealing.


  20. A goose bump moment here Patty, this is beautiful thanks to Alex for inspiring you 🙂


  21. stunning texture and colour Patty, superb! Mx


  22. Oh this is beautiful! Very textural! I may have to check out these workshops…


  23. Celestial and healing…the shade of blue touches my heart. This is, in all definitions, an INSPIRED piece…YOU touch MY heart, and may your dreams nourish and heal you, my friend!


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