The Marmelade Gypsy Goes to France

Jeanie’s recent travel posts have been delighting me to no end.  You too can visit Paris with all the trimmings….my mouth waters over the thoughts of raspberry tarts…….just pay her a visit!    I always say, the next best thing to traveling myself,  is to be able to enjoy someone else’s travels through photos and descriptions of their adventures.

With Paris on my mind (thanks to The Marmelade Gypsy), watching the last leg of the Tour de France, (did you know the Tour began in 1903!)  I kept oohing and aahing over the wonderful aerial views of The City of Light.  Mr Magpie said “why don’t you take pictures…of the TV!”

*all credit for the following images goes to the Tour de France photographers*




with grand views (is that Joan of Arc overseeing the festivities?)

Joan Perhaps

the race WAS very exciting


it seemed to go on forever


through the countryside

DSC04344Mr Magpie pointed out the upside down heart

DSC04345so many came to cheer the riders on (even the escargot…I mean snails)

horse countryside
wanderlust is settling in, thank you very much  🙂


speaking of travel, Kimmie is away on a wonderful adventure, her Tea Tuesdays will return in a couple of weeks

8 responses to “The Marmelade Gypsy Goes to France

  1. how could i not come and visit with such a wonderful blog title!
    great pics….jenxo


  2. Mr Magpie is very clever indeed!


  3. Oh! Unbelievable photos from your screen! They’re sharp and perfect — that Eifel Tower is to die for! AND, it’s the tour and those bikes and that is how I’ve spent every evening (and sometimes days!) over the past 21 of them. A real Tour de France junkie! (I think during Sunday’s ride into Paris I jumped up and pointed to the TV screen a dozen times — my bus went by there; where I stayed was six blocks away from this!)

    I’m loving this — and thanks so much for the wonderful shout-out in your intro, too!


  4. Hey…you are crazzzzzzzzy! Love it.


  5. Beautiful clear pics from your screen Patty! I’m a bit of an addict of vicarious travel through others as well! Hey if you cannot go yourself you might as well enjoy it through whatever means possible!


  6. Your photos are amazingly clear for TV 🙂 and good for Mr Magpie for spotting the heart!
    I love the white horses–one of my favourite animals!
    Those poor little snails, good thing they go slow 🙂


  7. I am always amazed and awed by your incredible camera (which we’ve talked about before). I am a basketball junkie and tend to only watch sports when b’ball is in season, so had no idea the Tour de France was on. Your screen captures were totally amazing and I didn’t even notice the heart shaped lake until you pointed it out. You have a very observant hubby.

    Thanks for bringing Paris, cycling, and the French countryside to my attention. It was a magnificent tour (de France)!


  8. I must have seen the exact same images on tv! I’m watching the tour for ages… I think I even remember that shot of the snails! I always fortget who wins – but in that year it must have been Lance Armstrong…


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