Mysterious Moonflowers…Ipomoea alba

mysterious on several counts, first off, I thought our vine was going to be blue Morning Glories…surprise, surprise (and I’m supposed to be a gardener, it’s been many years since I’ve had a Moonflower vine) I did plant both Morning Glory and Moonflower seeds….no sign of Morning Glories yet


mysterious because Moonflowers are nocturnal bloomerssampler-2

I was surprised to notice that the bud had begun to unfurl and it wasn’t even 7pm yet

backlitthe blooms shine white through the night

the white color and fantastic fragrance help attract moths to pollinate the blooms


then when touched by the morning sun, the blooms close and fall away


I wish you could smell the Moonflower, it is very fragrant and hard to liken to anything

happily there are lots more buds on the vine, I promise not to get this excited about each and every one…..well, I probably will get excited, but I won’t post about each and every one 😉

Thank you very much for the seeds Lennie, who knew what joy one packet of seeds could bring and the fun is just beginning


A quick note about two wonderful Journaling Workshops coming up.  Super Nova Journaling Class One, taught by the talented Julie Prichard, begins 1 September.    When you visit Julie here, you can find out all about both online journaling classes.    Julie’s Layer Love classes were so well done, I certainly did not want to miss these workshops.

***footnote: after mentioning Julie’s class above, look what I just found out.  Here’s what she has to say:

“Mention the Super Nova course on your blog, twitter or facebook and leave a comment here. I will draw two lucky winners on Saturday and give them their choice of membership: each winner will be able to choose if they would like to have Part One (Bookbinding $43) or Part Two (Art Journaling $39)! If you have already paid for the class, do not worry- I will refund your payment if you are the winner. Deadline for entries is midnight pacific time, Friday 8/28.”


2 a.m. full blown

2am full bloom

11 responses to “Mysterious Moonflowers…Ipomoea alba

  1. Moonflower is beautiful!! It looks very much like an unknown but very prolific wild thing that is growing in my veggie garden. Not a vine, but a similar flower on a 5-6 foot monster plant!! Will have to send you a pic!!


  2. I love the beautiful star pattern!!


  3. gorgeous plant! lucky you! i was thinking about taking julie’s class on journal making too….it would be nice to know more than one way to bind…


  4. Beautiful flower! Were you up til 2 AM to capture the full glory?

    Now I’m off to investigate the workshop link 🙂


  5. Mary Schwartz

    We planted the moonflower in our vegetable garden….bad idea. It started to take over and soon became a pest. My husband decided that he would dig them up. But little did he know that the roots went almost to China. That was a couple of years ago and low and behold they made an appearance back in the garden this year. He will work in the garden until it is dark and says that there is an odd looking moth with a pointed snort that seems to like the moonflower.


  6. Wow, what a beautiful flower, I have never seen this vine before, I learn so much from you Patty 🙂 Were you actually outside at 2am to get that photo?


  7. Fantastic photos,thanks for the heads up on this entry, I was so entralled with tea this morning that I didn’t get any further in your posting, silly me! I am wishing for some buds this week so I can enjoy my moonflowers. Last year mine didn’t begin to flower until September.


  8. those are totally amazing…beautiful!! wish i had planted mine in time….next year someone has to remind me!! 🙂


  9. What a beauty Patty!!!


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