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feeling a lot of Love in the land of blog


I have been bestowed some lovely awards of late, these two for the MeMe Award happen to be from a land far away and down under….a place I’ve only dreamed of visiting one day…Australia

Sylvia of Studio Sylvia


Kim of Merlin’s Musings


Marit, from The Netherlands,  this is for you too 😉

I must say again, the international connections here in the land of blog are really special….I figured out with my Love of travel, I actually do get to visit far off places whenever I desire, popping in on creative, sharing and fun people…how special is that!!!

people always come up with such clever and interesting tidbits about themselves…I found it a bit challenging 🙂

I am not one to play along with awards and tagging on line, but thought what the heck…so here goes…

1.  I was born in Munich (München) in Southern Germany and come from German, Russian (maternal), Irish and Belgian (paternal) stock.  I am very proud of my European heritage and just wish I had a nice foreign accent … I guess if I moved to another country I WOULD have an accent, altho I’d really have to polish my German or learn another language well.

2.  I was told that I sing like Snow White….really!  You can listen here.  OK, it was by my then 6 year old son who would say “Mutti, sing like Snow White”.  We had just seen the movie and I could not stop singing afterwards….which brings me to #3

3.  I DID meet my Prince Charming not long after; alot like in Snow White’s song above.  We had been friends, but one magical night at a dear friends party (Love you Carol),  New Years Eve to be exact, we kissed and heard bells ring and the rest is history…..

4. I nursed (yes breastfed) two of our sons longer than some people might be comfortable with….it was one of the most fulfilling and important things I have done in my life….being joined at the………”hip” tee hee  like that was beautiful and sweet …. my nickname is “earth mother”… just kidding 🙂

5.  our youngest son was a planned birth at home, that too was a wonderful and special experience……

OK this talking about myself is challenging for certain!!!

still with me ?

6.  When I was 19 I took a nine week trip visiting nine different European countries, all by myself by railway…Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.   Also one of the best and most memorable things I have ever ever done!  Travel is near and dear to my heart.  I’ve also been lucky enough to visit Russia, The Baltic States, Finland, Ireland, England, Italy, Canada, Venezuela along with states in the USA

7.  I had very long hair for a lot of my lifetime, down to my knees at one point.   In 2003 I had it all cut off and donated it to Locks of Love….it’s not been past my shoulders since

I will bend the rule about passing this along to seven people…please feel free to play along and leave a blog link and let us know some about you too 🙂

apologies if you’ve given me an award in the past and I didn’t officially play along….guess I just had a weak moment here heehee

FlirtyApronblame it on one of my favorite aprons …. picked up at The Women’s Museum a couple of years ago…the tag says:

“Why be dirty when you can be flirty?”

and lastly…this lovely quote on a card from Lennie “The Quote Queen”

“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” ~Emily Dickinson

Update: I am entering this post for Ana’s Friday Archive Dive Theme of Favorite Photo May 2011

13 responses to “Heart U

  1. Haaaa, NOW I learned something about you! Giving birth at home and brestfeeding is very common in the Netherlands… I would have it that way if there were no complications… but there were so I had to go to a hospital 😦
    And wow, did you travel! Holland wasn’t in the list – maybe I see you here sometime??? You’re very welcome!


  2. Oh, this was nice! Learning a little about you 🙂 I’m not one who likes to talk about herself either, but I must admit, it is nice to hear about others 🙂 Well, I can say this much, I used to have long hair too (not THAT long though) 😀


  3. I so enjoy your writing. Thanks for your story and Snow White’s song. I remember seeing the movie when it first came out(I’m 79 now) and being frightened with the scene where she’s covered with glass…I thought she couldn’t breath. Funny what sticks in a child’s mind.


  4. i’m so glad you did this!! cute pics too! your heart rock is sweet…


  5. Great to get to know you better!!


  6. OHhhhhh Patty, I thought I was really going to hear you sing LMBO….. but that video was just lovely to hear because I watched it over and over again with Ashleigh when she was young. It’s been fun reading little things about you too, I can’t imagine travelling alone like you did, wow, what an experience 🙂


  7. Patty , this has been fun learning more about you, thanks for sharing……. jenxo


  8. Just whistle while you work…LOL!
    Wow, you are a well travelled girl you lucky thing. That’s my dream, but unfortunately Oz is sooo far from everywhere really! How wonderful that you have had those special bonds with your children. They are irreplacable and so special. Loved those times with my own babes too! Thank you so much for playing along and opening up a bit of yourself to blog world. Nice to know you a little better!


  9. Well, I love these things! I knew you had traveled young, but had no idea you were born abroad, sang like Snow White and met a prince (though I had a pretty good idea Mr. Magpie had princelike qualities!) Fun!


  10. that was wonderful!!! i nursed two of my boys longer than most ppl would prob think necessary and love hearing that other moms did too. BUT i hate that moms feel the need to excuse such a wonderful experience!! 🙂


  11. What a character you are Patty! Hair down to your knees, travelling alone around Europe, singing like Snow White!!!! I think you are quite unique….
    (and now I want to meet you even more)


  12. Oh, so sweet! Nice to find out so many interesting things about you. Breastfeeding for a long time and homebirths! I can relate.

    I love the flirty white legs under the demure red apron.


  13. lovely photo you shared but also, i agree, how fun to learn so much more about you. i wonder what other treasures you have hidden within your archives. i’m so glad you dig up a gem each time. thanks patty! you make this more fun.

    p.s. bf’ing and long hair for a long time then donated — we have a few things in common here. oh, and aprons! i’ve recently rediscovered cute little aprons. they make the dirty jobs a little more enjoyable bearable 😉


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