Pink Saturday: Button Button and More

often I mention how generous and wonderful my blog friends are, I am overdue thanking some special friends that do not happen to have blogs….last month I think it was, a talented group of quilters I am lucky enough to hang out with, The Woolie Nuts (don’t ask LOL), had a gathering to beat all gatherings all about buttons AND I had to miss it….sniff sniff.

Monica came into LOTS of wonderful buttons and wanted to share them with the group…Yippee Yeah!!!

have I mentioned I am crazy about buttons, I even have a button purse that I bought, people always ask if I made it

Button Bag

Monica was gracious enough to pack up huge zip lock bags of buttons for those of us that could not make it that evening…I believe they weighed in at around three pounds each!!!

Button array

I spent several evenings with a tray on my lap sorting buttons by color….why…’s a good excuse to touch the buttons and they look nice grouped together, also handy for when I decide to use some….for now I am just enjoying looking at them…stirring them with my finger now and then

just imagine, ten or fifteen times as many buttons as this arranged in bowls LOTS of bowls…..just had to share my special glass of pink buttons with you, they almost look good enough to eat 🙂

Pink ButtonsMonica delighted an awful lot of people by sharing her bounty!!!

while I am saying thank you, I must thank all of the thoughtful Woolie Nuts for bringing me tins, magazines, labels, treasures too good to throw away, plants and so much more

most recently, Sue gifted me with this latest bit of found treasure

Doll boot from Sue

it looks like it might fit a barbie size doll….we had some good giggles wondering what the rest of her costume looked like… you think it was pink?

it looks like a child (we’re thinking) chewed on the toe

pretty darn nice of friends to be so thoughtful (like my Mr Magpie) and rescue items for me all the time… how special is that!!!

here is something also very unique

as a person who has never ever colored her hair I am really intrigued with these hair color samples

Sues closeupare these not interesting and wonderful, also from Sue….so far I just enjoy opening the box, it’s double sided with samples of the colored locks on both sides

Sues hair color samplessome day soon I will know just what to do with them

~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

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36 responses to “Pink Saturday: Button Button and More

  1. I never sorted my buttons (and it’s not THAT much) but your photo’s sure make me wanna do that today!!! And about the boots… I think she wore leather and chains and maybe carried a whip – teehee!!! And from what I can see – my (natural!) haircolour is about fourth from the left on top (?) with some grey in it…


  2. Whoa !!So many buttons !What would you like to do with those buttons. 


  3. And you and i have never to much , do you think ?
    Oh , i have also much buttons .
    Your post is lovely !
    Have a nice weekend , love from Rini


  4. Sounds like you need to venture into doll making- you need some sculpy or fimo to go with the hair samples, buttons and a boot!!! I see a Ms. Fairy Buttons-she of multi hued tousled mane,flamboyantly buttoned tunic, who lost one boot while flitting thru the garden!!!!


  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Patty.

    This is such a fun post. I’m wondering about the outfit that coordinated with that shoe, too.

    And, what’s more fun than gorgeous pink buttons?!


  6. Wow, so all these buttons have been collected by you! You’ve done well to have colled and sorted so many. They look very impressive in their own colour group … almost good ehough to ‘eat’.
    Sorting buttons is good therapy … if you need it, lol.
    Can’t wait ot see what you end up doing with the hair colour samples.

    Happy ps Patty 🙂

    ciao for now,
    Elena 🙂


  7. What a lovely Pink Saturday Tribute to all the Woolie Nuts. I loved all your words and pictures and I learned things I didn’t know about you, Dear Patty.
    My button bounty weighed in at 10 lbs! Just imagine that times all the Woolie Nuts! I can’t bring myself to sort them yet, but I have let my fingers run thru the treasure.


  8. Gabriela Delworth

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love what you did with these buttons!

    ~ Gabriela ~


  9. Couldn’t we all just have so much fun with all those wonderful buttons. I love the colors too, Happy Pink Saturday to you, Char


  10. Who knew there could be so many buttons :). I loved the pink ones you photographed for us. I hope you are in the pink and having a wonderful weekend.


  11. Oh…I am having button envy! I can never get enough buttons. I love that button purse! I’m curious to find out what you do with the hair samples. That will be interesting!
    Happy Pink Saturday!


  12. Ahhhh, one can never have enough buttons. I always want more..and most every button I see,I want. What a lovely and unselfish friend to share her buttons with the group, And, I will be checking back to see what you do with all the buttons and the hair samples. 🙂
    Happy Pink Saturday..have a great week.


  13. What a treasure trove of buttons! Happy Pink Saturday!


  14. Oh wow! Talk about buttons. I have never seen so many buttons before in my life. I finally have about a jar full and I thought I was doing good. I am not hanging out with the right people. Love the hair samples to. How cute are they? Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday. Please stop by and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry


  15. I collect buttons too. I have several pounds of them. I sort and go through them often. I was at a garage sale today and bought some more to add to my collection.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Don’t forget to “Look in the Nook”


  16. Love all your buttons Happy Pink Saturday


  17. Happy Pink Saturday ! Those pink buttons are just beautiful, especially in that pretty glass. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog and stopping by. Have a wonderful new week.


  18. what is it about buttons that make us so crazy???
    now the hair samples are just a bit on the creepy side…so cannot wait to see what becomes of those!!! LOL!


  19. Nice post. Happy weekend.


  20. Lucky, lucky you Patty, I also have a button fedish and I have mine sorted in colors too LOL, even have some like yours in the old ice cream glasses, I should show you. What lovely friends to share all this with you, they know you so very well, now I can’t wait to see what you can find to do with all that hair 🙂


  21. Sounds like a fun and generous group. Hmmm… can’t wait to see what you do with the hair:)

    If you have the time, please stop by The Old Parsonage, I love company!



  22. What a sweetheart of a friend to share her buttons! I had to laugh at your loving to sort the buttons as well as just swishing your fingers in them from time to time. I so get it. When I find a great jar/tub of buttons at a decent price in the antique stores, I know exactly what it feels like to win the lottery!

    This is my first time to your blog and after peeking around, I really enjoyed my visit!


  23. Wow, button heaven Patty! Maybe you could make Barbie some wigs to go with those boots, LOL!


  24. Had to come back for a second look at creepy hair!
    alas not as creepy as I thought, these are newer and not real hair! some of my dolls have some real hair left! yay another MadMen addict! what did you think??/


  25. Wow! Would you look at all those buttons!!! Lucky you! I have tons of buttons, I don’t know what it is about them but I love them and collect them, and hoard them. I’m trying to quit hoarding and acutally use them in my artwork. 😀


  26. this is one jam packed blog!
    i discovered i have been here just not often enough to keep up..which i shall remedy!



  27. You just made me remember how much fun it is to swirl your fingers in buttons. Wonder why? Love your collection. I only have my “whites” sorted. OK, I’m off to swirl! xoxo


  28. dat sure is a lotta buttons, ms p…
    dh saw your locks, he’d love a toupe 😉


  29. Well, you’ve been having fun! Seriously cool treats! I didn’t realize you liked buttons so much (and that purse, by the way, is the best!) I’d say you have generous friends! And isn’t it fun when they want to share what you love?!!!


  30. i love buttons, and have quite a few from my grandmother, my mom and her sisters….they seem to make their way to me!
    what a fun event….who knew there were others like me!! 🙂


  31. Amazing. I have never seen anything like this collection!


  32. wow, that’s the motherload of buttons! I think I had never seen so many… except at a store, lol 😛

    I love buttons too, I remember they were my favourite thing to embellish cards : )


  33. oh wow, patty. you never disappoint! what a collection. that glass of pink candies definitely looks like a treat, you’re right. delicious (eye) candy!


  34. what a collection! i’m a little envious. came over from ana’s friday archive dive.


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