Tea Tuesday: Hanging on to Summer

*Hello September*


hard sometimes letting go


one summer I noticed I hardly ate any watermelon

swan candleholdernow in this fast and easy life we live you can get pretty much any produce year round, including watermelon….but for me it’s not quite the same as knowing it came from a not so far away melon patch…plucked at just the right time (not to mention the price is right too)…..this summer I certainly have enjoyed a lot of delicious watermelon

DSC05253holding still to enjoy a cup of tea, even though having it with watermelon did seem a little odd :)…..a nice way to slow down and think about what I might let go of…..what I want to hold on to

here is a tasty and simple dish to make with watermelon that Lennie first told me about

watermelon feta mint salad

my initial reaction was “no way”…watermelon is perfect just as it is

almost a year later I decided to give it a try….it’s very tasty and gets better as it sits

the feta brings out the sweetness in the watermelon and the mint gives a delicate aroma to it all….just three simple ingredients


what are the things called where you push the button on the bottom and figures on top wriggle and flop?  the one in the photo (on the left) has been around for a long time, it makes me smile

do pop in on Kimmie, Pat, Christen … all are welcome to join in

13 responses to “Tea Tuesday: Hanging on to Summer

  1. Lovely pictures and your Alex mug is such a sweet way to enjoy your tea on this first day of September. And it is truly a September morn out there, temp only in the mid 50’s for us, BRRRR! Thanks for sharing the watermelon recipe, it is a nice change of pace.


  2. The watermelon recipe looks delicious. I love watermelon. I don’t want to let go of summer!


  3. Will have to give this a try. Oh…love the hand vase.


  4. Hmmmm, watermelon and feta… not sure, girlfriend but it does look so lovely in your photograph. Headed for a cup of tea before my tennis…… ; ]


  5. I love watermelon…so, thinking about watermelon and feta, it takes at least one year! 😉


  6. We’re on the same page with summer …. “savor” is the word I’m thinking of …. and this post has much to ponder and savor 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!


  7. hi patty! thanks for visiting! come to think about it i didn´t eat any watermelon this summer… of course now i want some!… besos-jane


  8. Love this salad, I know it sounds weird but oh my is it yummy and the thingy is called a wriggle & flop! LOL!!!


  9. I’m not big on watermelon, but I’m very big on your table settings and feta. So, maybe I need to try the watermelon again!


  10. Lovely Patty, thanks for sharing tea, and as always the imagery and the text fill the senses!


  11. Ya know . . . I really haven’t had much watermelon this summer! And I DO love it – it’s like nature’s candy! Thanks for a lovely tea break! Hugs, Terri

    PS I’m not sure what the thingy is called either, but they sure are a lot of fun!


  12. I tried it and you’re right…its a winner!
    (I was more generous with the feta though because I love it!)


  13. Believe it or not, I’ve had watermelon served that way and it is wonderful. Glad to hear you liked it.

    I’ve also had watermelon with mint and lime, another to-die-for combination.


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