11 September 2006 * From Russia With Love

this moving monument was brought to my attention by Sue Graham, her subject line was “why haven’t we seen or heard of this?”… I could not agree more … it stands on the New Jersey waterfront with a direct view of the Statue of Liberty and former World Trade Center towers

FromRussiaWithLovephoto courtesy of Zurab Tsereteli

to find out more about the Russian artist, Zarub Tsereteli, and his heartfelt masterpiece, a gift from the Russian people, you can go here

you can also see more of the artists work around the world here

there is a popular belief/phrase … time heals … personally I have found it more true that time teaches us how to live again and keep going forward … some wounds run too deep and can take a lifetime to  heal … that 40 ft stainless steel teardrop speaks volumes

8 responses to “11 September 2006 * From Russia With Love

  1. Wow. I didn’t know of this. Thanks for sharing it and the links. I think we’re all remembering today…


  2. My son works on Wall St., and his neighbor did, too;the neighbor was lost in the second tower. We made a mosaic stepping stone for his widow, and asked her what words she would like us to put on it. Her answer was “Love Lives On.”


  3. This is awesome, Patty. I’ve never heard of this memorial.


  4. oh wow!!! this is amazing….


  5. I also have never heard of this one before, just lovely and well done, wish I had caught it yesterday, but this morning is good too


  6. It is a beautiful memorial!


  7. Patty, thank you for putting this on your site. Every anniversary I get some kind of forwarded email that has graphic images of people falling from the tower exhorting us “not to forget”. I don’t think any of us alive at the time will forget and I don’t think we need such grisley reminders. (If I was a relative of one of those shown falling I would be quite upset.)
    This lovely monument says it all and I did not even know it existed! Thanks for giving me a respectful image to view that honors our dead and a warm feeling that we are so united with people all over the world in our grief.


  8. I’ve never seen this either! Beautiful words on time heals…your words resonate on my truthometer…


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