baby face

here is my latest piece for our local altered artists puzzle swap

4 Fran Faces

Fran’s theme was “faces”, I used part of a freebie image from Last Door Down the Hall…thank you Elizabeth

you can see other puzzle pieces here, here and here

13 responses to “baby face

  1. Oh, this is absoloutely darling Patty.. such a sweet image and beautifully created


  2. oh my goodness Patty — this is just soooo stinkin’ cute! what an expression! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

    P.S. I mailed that *thing* this week…let you know as soon as I hear! 🙂 thank you! 🙂


  3. How sweet this one is Patty, and thank you for placing the penny there so I can see the size so well. That is one very dear face looking at us and I love the puzzle pieces.


  4. OMG what a sweet piece.
    Really cute. Love them.


  5. What fun to see this project unfold. I’m looking forward to October to see the completion! This one is adorable, by the way.


  6. Wow what a wonderful puzzle piece and great idea ! Soft and expressive work Patty!


  7. Lovely altered puzzle piece! Sooo cute!
    I love altering puzzle pieces.

    Jan x

    ps, thanx for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments 🙂


  8. So sweet. YOU need an Etsy shop.


  9. Just catching up with all the recent posts. Lovely image Patty looks wonderful. Loved the recycled shopping bag, I think I might do that here, although we dont have pretty green bags where I live, just yucky grey ones:( Love the dipping oil with Ciabatta, its a fav here too!


  10. This puzzle piece is sooo sweet ~ love that face! kt


  11. this is so adorable!
    can I come and help you mangia your italian feast! ciabatta too! oh mama mia! I am drooling now!


  12. This is just adorable. Love the cutie on your puzzle.


  13. Puzzle swap. Wonderful! How DO you find the time to do all you do? HOW?


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