Tea Tuesday: mid September … already

imagine my surprise when walking around the side of our house where mint and lily of the valley duel most of the season….there on a trellis in the center amongst the seed heads

clematis vine

… while considerably smaller than the first spring flush of blooms …

DSC00895*above picture taken in the spring*

… back in May

ONE perfect purple clematis blossom … it’s as if you could hear it screaming … I can do this one last time before cold weather comes!!!

clematis bloom in September

I got so excited I nipped it off before you could see it on the vine, the sun was shining a bit too brightly anyway for a good photo … yah … that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

Last of Clematis 09Earl Grey used to be my black tea of choice, but after a trip to Ireland some years ago, Irish Breakfast Tea won me over … Trader Joes has their brand of Irish Breakfast Tea that comes in Decaf and Regular

tea and raspberries

oh and I must tell you about the sesame treat next to the gorgeous raspberries if you haven’t tried it already… it’s called a Sesame Crepe (no eggs at all) made in Viet Nam … it’s pretty high in calories darn it all … I mention this because it is not hard to polish off the package of two … they are divine (yup … also from Trader Joes)!

“September blow soft till the fruit’s in the loft” ~Anon

you can visit the regular tea Tuesday bloggers Kimmie (who started T Tuesdays)  Pat and Christen … won’t you join us for coffee, tea or whatever strikes your fancy … the more the merrier

12 responses to “Tea Tuesday: mid September … already

  1. aaah raspberries, my favourite! I remember when we took a trip to the south of Chile, there’s a little city named Frutillar (with clear german influence, lol), well known for their kuchens and pies, the best I’ve ever had! 🙂


  2. Soooo…WHAT are those cards with birds on them????????


  3. I love that! Clematis always looks a little bit like passion flower to me …. this just proves it!
    I love Irish Breakfast tea too – it’s very tannic – almost makes my mouth pucker – it just says “Top o the morning to ye!”


  4. What a beautiful gift from Mother Nature! One last perfect, purple bloom! We’ve planted clematis in every home we’ve ever lived in – I ADORE them! Thanks for the gorgeous tea (the raspberries look sooooo luscious) and that perfect, floating blossom! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  5. As always Patty, I wish I lived closer to enjoy tea with you and your garden. The pictures are superb and will try the treat soon! Christen


  6. Love your flower pictures, Patty! I always enjoy perusing your blog, to have a peek into your world 🙂 And, as you know…I too, am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea…I am addicted…I had three cups today! But it is OH SO good 🙂


  7. Nature gives us gifts each day in unexpected ways, if we will just look for them! Love your pictures for a Tuesday.


  8. You are SO lucky to have a Trader Joes. I first discovered the chain last year when I visited California. Unfortunately, they have not made it to the middle of the country, yet.

    You did a super presentation with your lovely vignette of tea and raspberries. The floating clematis didn’t escape my enjoyment, either!


  9. Sesame crepes sound very yummy. I usually buy sesame crunch bars from the health food stores (but I’m not convinced they’re very healthy!)
    Last year I pruned our clematis too early (same one as yours) and we had a second batch of flowers at the end of the summer. Not sure you’re supposed to do that though……


  10. Gorgeous photos. May I have tea and raspberries with you? That’s fabulous!


  11. Those seasame crepes look yummy (I love seasame anything) and with raspberries? What a fabulous el fresco tea! You can’t just SIMPLY photograph a flower, can you? hee hee. Trader Joe’s needs to give you a kick back from endorsing them with such a glowing advertisement! 🙂


  12. Your clematis is gorgeous. Love that color. Did the wasps go away?


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