Happy Birthday ABAA + Thanks

today is Linda and Rosie’s Awfully Big Art Adventure first blogaversary!

it’s been a fabulous year full of excitement and creativity between the two of them, they have inspired so many  … if you’ve never been to their challenge blog … it’s not to be missed!

I got this post up a bit late in the day here in Virginia, Rosie and Linda may be tucked away and in the land of nod already 🙂


speaking of fab blogs, I am long overdue thanking Jenxo for the lovely award she shared with me

fabblog1[1] fro m Jen

I am not known for playing along with awards and such (naughty me), but it certainly is nice to be thought of and I appreciate it very much

isn’t it wonderful how blogging makes us feel close to people all around the globe … Jen is lovely, she and I hit it off right away …  it’s a beautiful thing … pop by and visit … she’s full of ideas and creativity with inspiration to share

and for Jen … I’m sure it’s already tomorrow 😉


2 responses to “Happy Birthday ABAA + Thanks

  1. thanks patty , i feel the same way……..xxxx


  2. Thank you for the mention Patty….we wouldn’t have realised a year was up without you!!!


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