threads of wisdom

the Art Creations Friday 41st challenge is to create something with the image of the lady spinning that June supplied   …   I have played with the lovely lady before and enjoyed her very much


no surprise my postcard is done in beeswax (I am like a kid with a new toy, busy as a bee, even though I have played with wax in the past) … here are some of the tools I use for the initial melting and molding of the piece (I am not crazy about the colored waxes … yet)

beeswax stuff

later on when the wax sets (doesn’t take very long) I add layers of paint and/or goauche … the final touch was dipping some cotton lace into the beeswax and sticking it on the back of the bookboard … no glue was used on this piece whatsoever

“Be happy.   It’s one way of being wise” ~Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

16 responses to “threads of wisdom

  1. Beautiful. I have never worked with beeswax yet, but seeing your result, i might in future. It’s just, there’s so many techniques I’d like to try.

  2. Fabulous, love it!

  3. Ohhhhhhh yes, I am loving this, and I see you are really into using your beeswax lately, which is something I have sitting in a pot and still have not used, why am I so afraid of it??????? I even got one of those little irons and it hasn’t been used, I think it was last year I bought it LOL.

  4. Another gorgeous creation, Patty!

  5. Love your postcard !!
    I have never worked with beeswax before.

  6. Wow absolutely gorgeous.
    Wonderful work and design.

  7. Wow this is another gorgeous!!!

  8. Wow Patty, love what you’ve created here!! The beeswax looks great!! I love the words you chose for your piece!! I also want to thank you for your lovely comment at my blog 🙂 It warmed my heart!!


  9. Very interesting work!

  10. mmmm i bet it smells wonderful in your creation space!! love take on the theme!

  11. that´´s wonderful … perfect work!
    hugs Susi

  12. Fantastic, great job!!

  13. gorgeous, bet your house smells nice too..jenxo

  14. Its gorgeous PAtty, love the lace

  15. This one is intriguing with such an alluring quality. The wax job is stunning. You are making me want to get my wax out again and play with it. Now, on the other hand, I love the color wax and use it on my Christmas cards every year. And, yes, took a bit of getting use to it. Congrats on this beautiful work.

  16. Patty this is so lovely. Just love this old soul.

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