Tea and Zwetschgen-Kuchen

today was a special day spent with my sweet Mutti (she lives an hour away) … we baked … which is something we have not done together for a very long time …


it’s Italian Plum season


these do not seem to be available year round like so many other produce items


no picture of the baked sheet cake … I got excited … I don’t always get a piece warm from the oven … the plum juices turned the dough a pretty pinkish purple


a tried and true recipe


from Dr Oetker’s German Kochbuch (cookbook)

german measuring cup

we used a measuring “cup” a lot like the one above … my Mom’s has a great patina from so much use … she is a very good cook and a terrific baker and was up at the crack of dawn this morning before I arrived …she was busy making her delicious apple strudel, always a favorite of mine (no picture of that either) yummy yum!

so it was strudel for breakfast, Zwetschgen-Kuchen (thank you for the proper spelling Sandy)  for lunch = oh my!!!    we  really slapped it on our hips (as my friend Catherine likes to say) and enjoyed each and every bite!


also came home with some fresh picked figs from the trees in her garden … I Love it when she tells me about when I was a little girl …  how we would make up the beds together (me learning the ropes) listening to songs like this … just right for flitting around and getting the chores done … I was an only child for the first nine years of my life


sweet sweet visit… full tummy … warm heart … precious memories … priceless!        OXO

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17 responses to “Tea and Zwetschgen-Kuchen

  1. What a grand reason for being late to tea. Your plums remind me of Damson plums. I used to pick them from a neighbor’s tree in Virginia. The figs are beautiful! What wonderful preserves they would make! It sounds like you had a marvelous visit with your Mutti. I’m glad for you.


  2. What a peaceful post ….
    So sweet – no pun intended either!
    Tea time is anytime …. so there’s no such thing as late 🙂
    Have a lovely rest of the day ….
    p.s. calories don’t count on days like this one!


  3. What a sweet, sweet post! Your writing always touches my heart. AND WE HAVE FIG TREES HERE IN AZ!! and the birds fight over the fruit…OMG do they!! I wish I had aquired a taste for them…maybe next year.

    xox Rella


  4. looks like a wonderful day!!


  5. Hello, Ms. Patty! I’m doing the almost unpardonable, but leaving a comment for several posts on this one as I try to catch up. First of all, I can’t think of a more wonderful day — what I wouldn’t give to be able to have a day like this with my Mum. Our time was cut so short, but I’d like to think if she was here now, this is exactly what we’d do!

    As always your art is lovely! The gypsy, the Native American, and the wonderful spinner — all very different indeed, yet certainly with your beautiful style. It was interesting to learn abut the wax, too.

    Finally, congratulations on being in the zine! I’ll try to download this when on get on my fast office computer! Cheers!


  6. Well, now my mouth is watering. Sounds sooo good. Sounds like time well spent and yummy food.


  7. hmmmmmmmmmm … pflaumenkuchen (vor allem mit butterstreuseln!) ist sooooooooo lecker!!!
    patty i smell the plum cake and thing it was great to bake together with your mum. 🙂
    wish you can beam up a piece for me … 😉


  8. Mmmmmhhhhhhh….yummy yummy Patty.
    This is a great old book with good receipes. Ich liebe Zwetschgen-Kuchen.


  9. Oh what a wonderful day.. I can smell the plum cake and how precious to spend time with your Mum. I LOVE the Alice in Wonderland video too xx


  10. Oh, I can almost taste it!!! Funny thing but I just got that same recipe out last night and will buy the plums tomorrow to make it. I must look at the postmark on the envelope to know when that was. A lovely post, you never disappoint.


  11. Well, Patty, here comes Part 2 of this saga of the Plum Kuchen. You sent me the recipe in English on 17 Aug 2000, when postage was 33 cents!
    And now my mouth is watering from all this visual stuff!


  12. Ooh, Patty, you are SO spoiled ;D My mom also spoiled us here yesterday, she made pancakes ❤

    I as an only child for about 5 years myself, weirdest thing is I have NO memories of the time before my sister was born, lol.


  13. Patty this was so lovely to read, I am so happy for you to have this love, and what wonderful treats. This was a special week for T4T’s posts! enjoy- Christen


  14. I love your wonderful blog and your art work!
    But I was really laughin about this one…Zwetschgenkuchen! Yummy, I like to bake Zwetschgenkuchen, too.
    And an original Dr. Oetcker Backbuch, how funny!
    Does your mother know the receipe for Zwetschgenkuchen mit Streusel? It´s my favoriet.


  15. fresh figs + baking with Mom + old cookbook cover/page + delicious plums = one sweet day!!
    What a great post Patti, thanks so much for sharing!


  16. Just found your website and I make the yeast dough Zwetschen Sheet Cake an old German recipe that I brought back with me from Germany and the recipe that my mother used to make


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