princess of quite a lot

the SPA challenge this week is “stripey legs” … I am still having fun with beeswax … no glue needed

my book board postcard was was first painted … then covered with beeswax and peeled tissue … the bit of lace at the top got a little funky looking after adding the wax … some of the pretty lace detail was lost, so I added smudges of paint which helped it some … I then stamped beeswax impressions around the edges coloring those with layers of paint … the girl scout sticker at her heart is vintage (thank you Carol)

1stripey legs

*click for a closer look*

thanks to Lynn for sharing a fun free collage sheet she found at Cleome1 on Flickr, that is where the arms and legs/shoes came from … dress and head are from Paper Whimsy … the rose  ‘scepter’ was inspired by a piece of waxed candlewick … the roses are my photos … I doodled the border for the top

38 responses to “princess of quite a lot

  1. I think she is wearing her Mum’s shoes!! Patti, this is exquisite. I don’t think the little girl is quite sure of her new role but she looks gorgeous. I love the softness of the picture and the fantastic background.
    (PS – Ha! I am glad I have sent someone going to bed with a song that won’t go away!! It has happened to many a time and this is payback).

  2. Beautiful postcard Patti- lovely added elements and gorgeous colors!

  3. Great, love her shoos!

  4. i’ve always wanted to learn to do bees wax collage & this is just gorgeous! thanks for sharing

  5. oh i really really must try beeswax . i love the softness to it, especially the transparency of teh roses down the bottom. those legs are wikked!!!

  6. Wow this is awesome.
    Fantastic and brillian work Patty. Love them.

  7. Isn’t she her sweetie in her Mum’s ‘high heels’ Patty, lovely take on the stripey legs theme!

  8. Oh big feet! Lovely done!

  9. Oh, Patty ! Your little girl is so cute with her too big shoes:-)
    Beautiful creation!

  10. I really like this piece Patty. It is a fun work and looks like you enjoyed creating it…. great work.

    ciao for now,
    Elena 🙂

  11. patty she is just too sweet. Love those stripey legs!

  12. Great effect with the wax, Patty! She’s a charmer, and her shoes add a touch of humor. Well done!

  13. Fabulous, lovely and funny postcard, Patty!

  14. Wow! I have studied this beautiful piece of art. Looking at it over and over again. It is absolutely amazing!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Hugs Hanne

  15. wow fantastic !!

  16. What a cutie in hugh shooes!! brilliant card Patty!!!


  17. Love those shoes. Reminds me of when my daughter would play dress up and wear my heels around the house. Great beeswax card!

  18. cute cute stripy legs, love them!!!

  19. ooo i love this!! so whimsical and sweet! i love that you used your own roses too!! beautiful!

  20. Oooooo your waxing is so yummy, I am loving the texture and you are so inspiring me to finally warm up that new pot and iron I bought a year ago 🙂
    This little girl looks like she is having so much fun, love it!

  21. What a gorgeous, detailed postcard, Patty! I am sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but, here I am.. xoxoxo

  22. Walking in her mama’s shoes! Love your doodles around the border – Nice job as always

  23. just love this little cutie, looks like she’s found the big girl shoes! love your doodles!!! xo

  24. Patty, when I was elementary school, “Lady Birthday Parties” were all the rage. We used to put on our mothers’ high heels and beads and evencloves (because it was Mississippi in the 60’s) and prance around. Good times. Your little Princess of Quite A Lot brought back many happy memories. Thank you!

  25. Cool piece, love them shoes too!

  26. She is so sweet. Love those legs!!!

  27. Oh, she really made me smile 🙂 Supercute! And nice work 🙂

  28. This is just so stunning! Amazing card!

  29. Priceless! Great piece – those feet are so funny. Cheers!

  30. Absolutely adorable,fantastic card!!

  31. Gorgeous effects and I love your little person too!

  32. This is just too precious. Love that bees wax.

  33. Don’t know why, but I giggled when I saw her! It’s adorable!

  34. Your princess of quite a lot is princess of “right on”, too! What a happy piece of art…makes me smile! Every element is perfect!

  35. I LOVE this. I would buy it if you had an etsy shop.

  36. Magnificent. Bravo. Clap. Clap. Clap.
    Love her. The contrast in using black and white make the colors pop even more…very gorgeous.

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