tea and paper parasols

fun how one thing leads to another … and another here in the land of blog … recently Jean from Bluebirds Living in the Meadow did a lovely parasol blog post (she even had her blue parasol as a blog header for an instant)

I have a thing for Asian parasols … and have for many years now

parasol sampler

the plain one on the left is waiting to be decorated


on a very hot muggy day a couple of years ago at the spectacular Brookgreen Gardens on Murells Inlet in South Carolina


my square parasol helped give about ten degrees of coolness with its shade


a really interesting link to sand art recently from Margaret of Alice and Camilla,  led me to this wonderful umbrella art installation link


be sure and visit Kimmie for links to all of the lovely tea Tuesday posts

20 responses to “tea and paper parasols

  1. Wonderful post Patty, love the art umbrella link! Happy day to you.


  2. is that u P? nice to put a face to the friendship


  3. Great pic of you…even if it is d i s t a n t.


  4. Very inviting…what a wonderful old oak draped in Spanish moss you are standing under! Love the tea cup. Happy, happy Tuesday!


  5. I love that square parasol. I’ve never seen one like that! When I was a kid, I loved peeling the paper off the inside stopper part of the paper parasols because it was always chinese (or japanese) newsprint. I was fascinated by that. Did you ever do that?

    Have a sweet Tuesday! Love the tea 🙂


  6. ooo you’re too funny….i had it as a header for an instant! that’s me! i love your parasols!!!! the photo of you with that square one (under a live oak???) is great! i love that shape!! i hope you try some photos into the sun with that red one too!! i like your little tea assemblages!!! happy T tuesday to you!


  7. Always a yummy day on Tuesdays here!!!! :>)


  8. what a fabulous post! i love the tree, and the parasols and tea… so fabulous! i used to have a small wooden box with four little parasols, about six inches tall. they were the sweetest things, all decorated in different hues and patterns. if i find it while doing my studio renovations in next month, i would like to send it to you. so hope that it wasn’t in the box of stuff that got lost when i last moved!


  9. This is such an interesting post and the photos are beautiful. I use to live in Charleston, S.C. and loved every minute of this beautiful place.


  10. Fun post, lovely parasols and is that…could it be U under that tree??? a pix of YOU! yes !!you are real and not a figment of my imagination!!!! yea!xoxox


  11. I love parasols too, they ar so cute : ) I can’t wait to see how you alter yours!


  12. Wonderful post! Love that photo of you, your square parasol and mossy tree. Gorgeous! Your red parasol at the top is tunning. I love those little paper umbrellas. Ever since I was a kid.


  13. that looks delicious, especially that piece of fruit opened up and ready for me to take a bite!


  14. Thanks for the yummy tea. Really enjoyed the visit and the parasols are fabulous. Never have I seen a square one before. Faboulous.


  15. Patty, I’m so glad I came back to your blog and scrolled down. I love these parasols. When I was a child an great-great somebody brought me a real Japanese parasol. I can remember her distinctly saying that it was for sun, not rain. And your picture of Murrell’s Inlet really shook me. When I saw that moss I knew it was SC. I had just read your comment saying you’d not been to C’ton. Then I saw that you were at Brookgreen Gardens. I accompanied a friend to M. I. about 10 years ago and Brookgreen is one of the places we visited. What fabulous old trees that are there! As for the iron gate picture in my blog, I have now turned it the 90° it needed to be turned!


  16. Beautiful, beautiful parasols, and look at you below that humongous tree, although we can’t really see you LOL…


  17. Carmen Dyson

    Loved looking at the parasols. I must be drawn to them also. I just painted a Halloween one for my fireplace. Good fun.


  18. I caught up with you!!!!!! Yea me!


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