… home from her travels

in June of this year my young Marie Antoinette  (below) began her round robin journey… four special friends each have their own themes for their pages (winged things, birds, divas and heart art)

… the plan was to create a book after everyone had a chance to make something for the various themes … the sizes were to be in the 6 x 4″  (postcard) range


arriving first in Switzerland to visit Margaret in her sumptuous salon with trappings from all over Europe


next stop Texas …  for tea and delicious cake with Linda … that girl gets around!


on to see Nathalie in  Missouri who had a fete planned (Petite Trianon) decking Marie in some seriously beautious bling


last stop before heading back home to Virginia …  New Zealand … to listen to some of Marie’s favorite piano fortes with Carole …  and posing for yet another pretty portrait


finally making her way home again … full of sweet memories of her adventures with the QB5 ladies


here are the fronts … you can double click for a grand closeup of the stunning details of each postcard creation


and most of the backs … Nathalie your maison did not want to flip over, but the back can be seen in your sampler above 😉

some of the ladies will be zuttering their pages … I am not sure I can bear to punch holes in mine and think I will alter a special box for these Maries to take up residence in

I am SO thrilled with these round robin creations … hard to put into words … as soon as everyone else’s pages are returned to them you’ll be able to see those posted on the blogs above

have I mentioned how much I also Love the postal services all around the world … it’s a beautiful thing!!!


11 responses to “… home from her travels

  1. oh lucky you Patty , this is a beautiful treasure…jenxo


  2. can’t wait to get mine back!! I’m getting very excited now! 😉 It was so much fun wasn’t it!


  3. What a fantastic result and what a beautiful collection of cards


  4. Everybody really outdid themselves for this one. The postcards are all so incredible. I can understand why you do not want to punch holes in them!!


  5. This is just a wonderful collection! and fun theme!xo


  6. Oh Wow, what an amazing treasure chest you have here Patty, each and every card is stunning and I can kind of understand why you don’t want to put holes in them 🙂 I think I special box is a wonderful idea, what a beautiful project to be involved in 🙂


  7. Wow, I wouldn’t want to punch holes in these babies either! Fabulous little round robin Patty, just stunning results all around!


  8. Oh these turned out wonderfully! Can’t wait to get my bird pages in my hands!!! I should’ve put a bird on Marie’s shoulder. Where is my head? Oh…sorry….Marie…that was rude.


  9. These are fabulous! I would definitely go with the box idea….I think Marie would approve too.


  10. Oh and double Oh Patty!! these are so gorgeous, what a wonderful adventure Marie went on! I too loved this wonderful swap, the coolest yet! Mxx


  11. These pages look AMAZING together! What a terrific collection!


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