The Waterford Fair

it’s that time of year again when …

*all pics are clickable if you’d like a closer view*


the quaint village of Waterford, Virginia (settled in 1733)

DSC06588 archway

hosts their annual three day Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit

DSC06645Morning Glories

the oldest juried crafts fair inVirginia (true artisans!) … this little video gives a nice look

DSC06617 Thos. Wetzel Windsor Chairs

Thos. Wetzel, Windsor Chair maker


Anne Leslie, Shadow Portraits … who also plays the fiddle in the video clip above


the house tour is a chance to visit homes you would otherwise never get to set foot in (I visited all five on Friday)

DSC06757BirdhsePoleit was a full day … at one point I considered taking a nap

DSC06672 A NAP

then I realized I was getting hungry … food is always a fun pause that refreshes at the fair (any fair)…


funnel cakes I’ve had … but Moravian Rolls were something new to me… delicious!  served by these sweet ‘kids’ from the Czech Republic and Romania … piping hot … with a cup of hot coffee to go with it from the Black Dog Coffee Company whose slogan is “Our beans are so fresh, you’ll want to slap them”

DSC06631PantomimeMark Jaster and Sabrina

this mime and his sidekick were very entertaining

DSC06665 ReenactmentCouple

Loved this couple


John and Bunny Switzenberg are beekeepers and create THE most wonderful ornaments from beeswax … many using old German candy molds … the scent of cinnamon is irresistible


if you’re still with me … you may be feeling a little like this fellow

DSC06679Militia man

I could go on and on … it was such a delightful day from beginning to end …

Flag*Footnote: I am entering this post in Ana’s Friday Archive dive*

14 responses to “The Waterford Fair

  1. So cool; I’d love to have the chance to see something like this. Thank you so much for sharing these pics; looks like a great day!


  2. aww how much fun would that have been….jenxo


  3. gosh, I feel like I’ve just been along with you! What a busy and fun day it must of been!


  4. wow that looked really fun!! thanks for sharing your day!!


  5. Another year I missed working at Waterford- I love it there!!! Great pix – those birdhouses on the pole are new!!! Don’t remember seeing them!!!! Thanks for “taking” me via these pix!!!!


  6. thanks for taking me with you! a fab post! thanks for all the pix and the bird houses and characters are wonderful! xo


  7. I second Pat’s sentiments, thank you Patty for taking us on a little tour of Waterford. I how I loved your pictures, the first one is exquisite and I adore the long pole of birdhouses, never saw those before. Your pictures look like you were the only one there, but we know that isn’t so. I’ll be back again to look at close ups. ThanksPatty for sharing


  8. Are you awake all day and night lady? You go to all these wonderful places, you go shopping, you create so much art, you make me tired LOL….
    Anyway, this looks like a great place to visit, lot’s of fun and yes, that poor guy looks like he is worn out, he probably didn’t even know you were taking his photo *giggle*


  9. OMG Patty, this is sooo my sorta outing! How fab does this look to spend some time and chill! Love the pics thanks for the tour!


  10. What a great day. Loved those birdhouses on the pole! I could do that. Not!
    Have I ever told you how much I love that you don’t require word verification. It makes commenting a joy.


  11. Oh, my gosh! I can feel the beauty, the energy, smell those glorious bees wax ornaments, the flowers. Love that red wagon by the building. And oh! To go in those houses! I can’t believe how cool that would be.

    Those bird houses on the pole — how cool is that? and you have a way of capturing people that is just fabulous — back or front!

    I want to go to the fair!


  12. Dear Patty…Such beautiful, beautiful pictures. Bring back wonderful memories of when Lennie & I went each year. Thanks for doing a great job…keep them coming!!!


  13. Patty, THANK YOU!!! What a grand tour. I love these things – so American. I miss this part of my life back at home. This post brought it all back in a swoop. Lovely!


  14. “if you’re still with me … you may be feeling a little like this fellow” .. lol! thanks for the laugh. and for the record, i did not feel at all like that. i could easily spend the day touring around a town like waterford. we have some historic homes here which open their doors to the public once a year. i keep meaning to go. so much history, so much to learn. thank you for sharing your tour!


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