every little thing

it all began with Julie’s monoprinting workshop lesson


using Alicia’s Altered Bits image in the upper left hand corner


I doodled (purple Sharpie and White Signo Gel Pen) and stamped and even got to use some of our “found” paper Carmen … Love those holey strips


I had a piece of purple plastic netting that slipped over the page perfectly …  may still tuck something under it on the bottom of the right hand page

I am submitting this for the Mixed Media Monday “pink” challenge in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month

there is still time to join in Monica Magness’ amazing Pink Artist fund raiser here

have I mentioned there are fantastic prizes … be sure and check out the prize wheel!

18 responses to “every little thing

  1. Just love the pink-ish background !!!


  2. great spread, love the background


  3. Oh Patty again so pretty and delicious work.
    Fantastic and really unique.


  4. This is lovely, Patty! Love the base and then all the accents make this a terrific journal spread. Great fun to use recycling bits. Cheers!


  5. Wow! Awesome journal page.


  6. I like this one. I like the way you built it from the beautiful base to the top art work. Nice doodles.


  7. Really beautiful pages Patty!!


  8. I love the posts that show the development of a piece, it’s really interesting to see the layers going on. Gorgeous colours Patty, you are so talented.Mx


  9. wonderful! monoprinting! these are great pages!!!xo


  10. Lovely page!So simple and even rich in details!


  11. I love the end result you created Patty! This looks great.


  12. great pages. love how the white pops off the page……


  13. Very nice page.


  14. The monoprinted page is beautiful with all the colors blending so well. The plastic netting is the perfect addition. It covers, but it doesn’t detract.


  15. I can’t tell if everytime I visit I feel overwhelmed by your output (and woefully inadequate) or so darned inspired I think I could fly! It’s redundant to say beautiful, but you know I think it is.


  16. They asked about my friend that took the throwaway hole paper Thurs. You were missed.


  17. mixedmediamonday

    Oooh, Patty – what a magnificent spread! Diane


  18. Wow Patty, your spread is sooo beautiful!! gorgeous colours!!



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