Julie has done it again … I am thoroughly enjoying her Super Nova Online Journaling workshop … it is jam packed with techniques and inspiration … being able to watch Julie create is a joy all in itself

here we are already on Lesson 7

PattyS 2nd Monoprint

I will have some very interesting backgrounds before it’s all said and done

Lavender Daze

and I know I have words …. they are here somewhere … just waiting to be released onto the pages

16 responses to “monoprinting

  1. oo wonderful! i love painting backgrounds and sometimes that’s all i do….something will come…or not…you like what you’re doing, right? this practice seems to agree with you….


  2. oo have you tried those caran d ache watersoluble pastels yet? they would look fabulous on that top page….you could try some “poison” colors….they just pop off the page! if you don’t like them you can damp cloth wipe them off…i can see some lime green and purple around the edges there…just a thought! love these!! now you have me itching to get that journal out and make backgrounds!!!


  3. Wow these backgrounds are stunning.
    Fantastic design and work. Love them.


  4. Your backgrounds are fabulous Patty. The tutorials must be giving you lots of ideas. As if you don’t have enough ideas anyway. The Pink below is also fantastic. Love it.


  5. Fantastic!
    Lots of great art since my last visit! Love your art!

    Hugs Hanne


  6. These backgrounds came out nicely, Patty! And it looks like it was fun making them too.


  7. what a great class that has been Patty, love what you are doing…jenxo


  8. Lookin’ good, Patty!



  9. cool pages Patty 🙂


  10. These are beautiful. I still have trouble writing on my pretty pages….


  11. Beautiful colors. Acrylics? Watercolor? Lovely!


  12. I think that it will be great Patty !
    Beautiful colors
    Love Rini


  13. Great colours you’ve used Patty, there goes that wonderful blue, love it all and i can’t wait to see what you do with them! Mx


  14. These are wonderful backgrounds. Some serious layer and texture to be found!


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