there is something very special about elephants … lots of things actually … they are the largest land animals now living … hard workers …  they represent patience and perseverance  … viewed as symbols of wisdom and dignity … highly intelligent with a long life span (70+ yrs is not unusual) … it is proven that elephants grieve…


I have had the white marble elephant … the one leading the parade … since I was a young girl … my mother got very excited in the town of Carrara, Italy on a camping vacation in Europe many years ago … she picked up marble lamps …  a special footed marble bowl that she filled with various marble fruits … my father picked out a beautiful statue … well you get the idea … at one point they wondered how they would fit my sister and I back in the car for the ride home to home base in Germany!

I saw in a movie once that it is good luck to face elephant statues looking out toward the outdoors … rather than facing “into” a room 🙂




when I saw the free patterns that Lynnette Anderson shared on her blog … I knew I wanted to stitch the elephants to add to my India altered book … thanks to my Woolie Nuts Quilting friends for sharing the link  … Lynnette offers a nice variety of really wonderful patterns at her link above…

my elephant embroidery, without the paisley fabric frame I made, measures 4 x 4.5 inches (10,16 x 11,43 cm)…

here is a link to one of my India book spreads and another here each have elephants in them…

“A king who always cares for the elephants like his own sons is always victorious and will enjoy the friendship of the celestial world after death” ~Kautiliya, scholar of Buddhism in India

Say “NO” to Ivory



18 responses to “Elephantidae

  1. Next time you are out here, I will have to show you my elephants – didn’t know we shared a passion for them!! I am going to turn my wooden elephant to face the window – right now!!! I might have to do this embroidery for a pillow!!!


  2. I love your embroidery. Looks like you did it on linen. Also went back to see your other pages on India. Fantastic!


  3. This is a lovely vignette. I have a few elephants in my basement bathroom. I think they are so elegant.

    Your embroidery is wonderful. I’m totally impressed, since I don’t hand sew anything. And adding it to your India book will make it the icing on the cake.


  4. In my twenties, I collected elephants!!! I got rid of most of them…wish I still had them at least in a box somewhere!


  5. i remember the first time i looked one in the eye at a circus, it did not look like a happy creature….haven’t been to a circus since…lovely post, beautiful embroidery….it doesn’t surprise me that you like elephants….your book is amazing…


  6. I don’t seem to have the patience for embroidery, so I especially appreciate it! This is wonderful!


  7. oooh i love them too. if you face them towards the door , its supposed to bring you some good news….

    the embroidery is sooo pretty….jenxo


  8. yes – say no to ivory …. and tortoise and fur and much much more ….

    did you know that elephants make the very best of mothers? pretty special


  9. I love your collections on the elephant. I’ve some too , the stone carved and wood carved from India.


  10. Nice collections!
    Beautiful post.


  11. Patty – how awesome! I collect elephants also! I have some vey old elephant pitchers, for serving drinks, I’ll have to photograph them and post them…


  12. One of my grand-daughters is fascinated and enamored with elephants! I immediately thought of her when I read your post, Patty, and the joy she exhibits each time she adds an elephant to her collection. I’ll have to tell her about the window too! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  13. say no to all those things that you know someone traffics in. say yes to old buttons, and cabinet cards! : )


  14. I love your embroidered piece and BOTH of your altered book pages. I thought you were strictly a swan person. 🙂


  15. Nathalie sent me a link to your blog and I am so very glad she did! I love elephants and altered art! Your work is so beautiful!

    Thanks for the inspiration to create using elephants!


  16. Why Patty, I had no idea you liked to stitch 🙂 I do too, I find it so relaxing.
    The elephant embroidery is perfect, will be just right in your journal, and I do love to watch Elephants on the nature shows.


  17. my brother worked with Indian elephants for many years. I loved to visit him & them !


  18. Such noble creatures…patience, perseverance, wisdom, dignity…oh, to learn from the elephants.


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