Pear Tea Tuesday

along with apples (ummm Honey Crisps) … pears are in abundance this time of year … with so many varieties to choose from … the Bartletts keep calling me … they have the nicest fragrance when they are golden in color and give a little when pressed gently … although I do enjoy a nice crisp Bosc Pear with cheese


Honey Lemon Throat Comfort Yogi Tea was my tea choice for today … just because (no throat discomfort) … here is what it says on the tea tag

“Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules.”

my wish for each of you on this Tea Tuesday and always

for more fun tea stops you can visit Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons

12 responses to “Pear Tea Tuesday

  1. Such a nice treat you serve today 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s strange how one can feel friendship with someone without ever have seen or heard that person. Big hug 🙂


  2. Such a nice way to start my day! I’ve got to write that quote somewhere to remember it – it’s beautiful! Wishing you a perfect day! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  3. What a grand way to begin this dreary Tuesday morn , Patty. Love that little crow too. He might just be related to my crow sitting on my dining room table with the pumpkins!HA! Good quote too.


  4. oh… Patty do you have any Mint Magic? I will be right over!! xo


  5. Thank you for sharing the LOVE Patty, nice tea, pretty day, have a great rest of your week. xoxo Christen


  6. It all looks delightful patty …and what a wonderful quote.


  7. What a lovely tea party. Even the bird is happy.


  8. How inviting! Your flowers are lovely. The tea tag wisdom is definitely repeat worthy…so true. Honey Lemon Throat Comfort just plain old sounds good. You have a wonderful Tea Tuesday. I’ve enjoyed your party.



  9. How beautiful. Oh, to sit outside and sip a cup of tea!


  10. Love the crow and his matching tablecloth!!! I came for tea also – earlier today !!LOL


  11. Hmmmmm – honey crisp apples are sooo good – but that pear looks yummy too! Funny how it color coordinates with your tea packet 🙂

    Happy Tuesday Patty!


  12. Just today I was riding through the country side and in the front of a beautiful old farm house was a huge pear tree – the pears themselves looked gold with the sun shining on them. The fall for me is the most beautiful time of year.


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