Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Days

Starbucks WindowCling

Starbucks View

Lake Anne

Rainy Teahouse 24 Oct

Storm Leaving

12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Days

  1. Hi Patty,
    again sooo beautiful photographs from you. I love them. Must have a look every time.



  2. ooo beautiful! is that person with the umbrella real or a sculpture?? wonderful rain….


  3. Is that the lake at Reston? Love the porch(?) steps – yours?


  4. Oh Patty, these are so good! Can’t even pick a fav. Yep, I remember that little staircase well and it’s a terrific pic of the rain coming down. And the umbrella pic is priceless too. A WOW blog post for a rainy Wed. morn.


  5. Hello it’s me ~ Wordless I find VERY challenging 🙂

    Jean ~ the person with the umbrella is a cling decoration on a Starbuck’s window 😉

    Pat ~ you guessed it … Lake Anne and men were having a sailboat race = regatta in the rain …
    the steps are to what once was a tree house turned tea house with the staircase leading up.

    Thank you all! trying to capture raindrops is tricky! oxo


  6. I find a wordless day challenging, too. Glad you explained about the (former) tree house steps.

    You did an excellent job capturing the raindrops. Your camera got it just perfect!!


  7. Oh Patty the orange tree is so so gorgeous. You got it at the right time. Boys will be boys playing with boats in the rain.


  8. Loving your pictures…but every time I look at those stairs, I think man, I would so bust it! I would spend most my time on the ground!
    Loving your ATCs also, just precious!


  9. We’ve had more than our share of rain. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it, too! Still, looks like a good place to be, wet notwithstanding!


  10. Lovely rainy photographs 😉
    Hard to choose a fav. I do really like the silhouette in the first and the shot of the stairs especially. Hmmm … I wish some of that rain would fall where I live because we need it so.
    Hugs and blessings,


  11. Patty, it’s alwasys such a treat to come visit your blog and see your beautiful photography and awesome artwork!!! Thank you for always inspiring me!!!


  12. I love your fantastic photography. bravo


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