Tea in Town … SO lovely!

a chance for tea with special friends Judy and Lennie at a favorite spot… not only do they serve tea (Lennie, you’ll want to peek at that link)…they have antiques galore (we missed you Pat!)

Aylesbury Tea Rm

*click/double click any pics you’d like a closer look at*


The Cottage is like walking into a magazine … so artfully decorated with one of a kind vintage pieces


two floors to delight you


very soon they will be having their Holiday Open House … the shoppe will be transformed into a winter wonderland … not to be missed!


Lennie and I took the long way home and stopped by “my most beautiful spot” …. someone once told me that everyone should have a spot….a special spot….that they could always escape to


Oatlands is that place for me


this time of year the Osage Oranges are ripe and ready …it really IS intriguing to read all about the lore surrounding these fragrant  “hedge apples”

Native Americans made their bows out of the wood…such an interesting fruit


Lennie and I have had magical visits to Oatlands Plantation over the years … one year we’ll have to do the garden tour together … the peonies are breathtaking … lots of roses … herbs … big old boxwoods and more


the majestic Ginkg0 tree …the golden leaves to the right…each shaped like a fan…with no two alike

we are not sure what that tree to the left is…we were so tempted to trot over there and climb onto that branch so near the lawn

when the Gingko leaves all turn gold….in a matter of days they drop to the ground all at once … creating a perfect golden carpet…a reminder that timing is everything especially in nature!


this greenhouse with origins back to 1810 … old for the US ;)… is being slowly restored


even on an overcast day the colors were brilliant … soon enough just bare trees will surround us


… there were delights everywhere we turned!

21 responses to “Tea in Town … SO lovely!

  1. You have here a great post Patty !
    Love , Rini


  2. Oh, Oatlands too!!! Don’t we have a pic of Lennie sitting on that low hanging branch – from a trip I was on?? Oatlands does look beautiful in the fall…….tea and The Cottage looked great too……………..next time. :>)


  3. Truly spectacular photos. Like you, that tree branch calls my name. What a wonderful day you shared.

    I really want some of those mushrooms. I can’t find any in our area. I want to capture them under glass (or anything that will hold the spores) and allow the spores to fall onto colored cardstock. That’s got to be the easiest nature painting there is!!


  4. Great pics Patty and I couldn’t wait to see those mushrooms again, that was a special treat, just as all of Oatlands is for us and it truly is a special spot! Ir was a real Peaceable Kingdom yesterday You could not only see Mother Nature at work but hear it too!
    Pat you are right, some years ago when we all visited Oatlands Patty took my pic in one of those tree limbs.


  5. just gorgeous and very welcome pix! when I come to visit, we shall go for tea! : )


  6. I can imagine it was a wonderful trip. Just beautiful pictures! Hugs 🙂


  7. Oh what fabulous places! I would love to take my sketching and painting supplies to Oatlands and spend the day and end with a nice cup of tea at the top place!!! I love that knarly looking tree, just too cool!!! I may have to move down there some day! Or at least a vacation!


  8. This is a grand post! Your photos make me homesick for the Virginia countryside and small town shops. I’m so happy you had time with good company and peaceful surroundings. What a blessing your day had to be for all! I’m blessed just reading about it and seeing your beautiful photos.


  9. Gorgeous pictures! It looks like an amazingly fun day!!!


  10. Stunning photos Patty! love the way you captured your day, very special. M


  11. Thank you, thank you for the getaway today, Patty! I’ve truly enjoyed your special “tea” spot and your fantastic pictures. It’s so true – everyone DOES need a special “happy place” to get away to every once in the while. For me, it’s ALWAYS a garden. Thank you, too, for the intro to Osage Oranges . Being born and raised on the EastCoast, I’ve never seen them before! Have a super weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  12. What a wonderful day!


  13. oh i bet the food was a delicous as the surroundings…jenxo


  14. Oh Patty, I’m thinking you need write guidebooks for travelers! Such a lovely post. When we were renting a home in Nashville for a year we had a tree of those Osage Oranges. Never knew what they were called…until now, of course. Thanks for sharing your day with us!


  15. I’m back! I finally took some time after dinner tonight to look back at this blog before the day is gone by and look at our last visit to tea back in June and also I read your entry on the Osage Orange, what a history lesson and so interesting. I do hope everyone takes time to read about that lovely tree too, it is just plain fascinating! Thanks for such a neat posting!


  16. Oh this is a fantastic place Patty. You take the best pictures. I love the colors and that twisted tree is so gorgeous. Thanks for the tour.


  17. Oh, what a beautiful place to “escape!” Your photos are lovely. That gnarled tree is fabulous!


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