* illuminated *

my little 3×5 canvas began with the lovely dancer image from Terri Kahrs of Pringle Hill Studio (there is a gorgeous colorized version too)

Terri often shares images along with her creative process which is always a delight

here are some of the supplies I used … forgot to include my stamp pads in the photo

I think this canvas will become a part of a larger piece or a book spread at some point

are any other WordPress bloggers having issues with making your pictures clickable for closeups?  the last couple of days something has changed and I have not altered any settings … not sure what is going on … hopefully things will go back to the way they were … I enjoy clicking pictures for closeups!

“From its brilliancy everything is illuminated” ~Guru Nanak

15 responses to “* illuminated *

  1. Wow this is just beautiful.
    Fantastic piece of art. Love them.


  2. Patty this is gorgeous. Love the soft colors and the texture.


  3. Patty, I love your collage which is so beautifully designed with wonderful textures and soft colours.


  4. Ohhh, Patty! **blush, blusy** Thank you so much for the “honorable mention”, but most of all, thank you for giving this tiny dancer such a beautiful new home! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  5. love the texture on this one Patty! oh and I do want to teach an online class! xo


  6. Beautiful pages !!! Love the background !


  7. Just gorgeous! Great piece 🙂


  8. oooooooo weeeeeee, she looks like she is going to walk right off of that canvas! I LOVE this Patty!


  9. I wish I could help you with your blog problems, but I know nothing about WordPress. I do know I love this little beauty and the special treatment you gave her.


  10. It’s lovely!!
    Love the textured background, I think Golden gel is the “must have” of today!


  11. Love the movement you captured in her. Fantastic…. I need to play more with the molding paste. Sometimes I dont have the patience to let stuff dry! LOL


  12. Sper cool texture Patty! and I love it when we get to see your art supplies, yet more things to put on the shopping list sigh… Mx


  13. Love what you have created here and the texture looks amazing.


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