WS: Number “3” + a giveaway

I chose “Three” as the challenge this week over at Wednesday Stamper

I created a beeswax postcard and used a flower stamp pressed into the warm wax to add texture around the edges … bits of lace

*click for a closer look*

coloring with Pearl Ex powders and gold Krylon Pen

* * * and here is my giveaway * * *

it was a year ago this month that I was invited to be a co-moderator on Mittwochstempler … time really flies when you are having fun … many thanks to Belinda and Hermine for making me feel so at home at Wednesday Stamper … they inspire me every day and have taught me so much!!!  thanks to Tina too!

to celebrate I am giving away a little matchbox

(1-7/16  x  2-1/8  x  1/2 inch)

stuffed with bits of this and that along with some other goodies that I will surprise you with

there are several recent posts here on my Magpie’s Nest explaining all about the stuffed matchbox idea…thanks to Kimmie

all you have to do is

leave your comment here on this post and I will pick a name randomly out of the hat on 2 December … announcing the winner on my WS post next Wednesday … all are welcome … it’s a fun way to say “hello” even if you don’t get a chance to comment often …  along with the chance to win a little prize 🙂

57 responses to “WS: Number “3” + a giveaway

  1. Wow! your background is gorgeous!
    It’s beautiful. I love the colours and the flowers

  2. I’m amazed at how many things you can fit in these matchboxes!!! I love your cover too.
    (oh and pancakes look divine! We eat ours with lemon juice and sugar! lol)

  3. Hi Patty,
    I love your blog very much, I read it almost daily, but never left a comment. Till now :-).

  4. the background is gorgeous with this kind of texture.
    great idea to use beeswax

  5. A wonderful card in wonderful colours. Great artwork!


  6. Hello Patty,
    wow, this is a wonderful card. I love it.

    Have a nice day.


  7. Wow what an amazing pieces of 3.
    The structure is brilliant. Absolutely gorgeous Patty.

  8. The beeswax looks great, love the feel of beeswax! And how generous of you

  9. this looks totally fantastic! everybody must click to enlarge!!!

  10. Thanks for picking such a wonderful theme, Patty, I´ve had fun with it! Your card is just great, I love everything about it. But hey, your matchbox must have a special size, LOL!

  11. Wonderful sample, great background.

  12. What a pretty blog! Will visit again!

  13. Card is beautiful!! See, the matchboxes are addictive!!!! It’s all I can do, not to dump the matches out of the little boxes and start some more!!! Great idea for a giveaway – enter me, please!!

  14. Very pretty card…love the texture! I’m amazed at how much will fit in a tiny little matchbox!

  15. Patty,

    You know I’d love to have your little matchbook.


  16. Gorgeous art work Patty!

  17. What a wonderful givaway Patty, your postcard with stamp wax is fantastic.

  18. Your postcard is beautiful, Patty. I hadn’t thought of using beeswax on a postcard. And I love the added texture created by the stamp.

    Congrats on your anniversary! May you celebrate many, many more! Still can’t get over how many things fit inside such a tiny space!

    Happy Thanksgiving, too, to you and yours! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  19. Wonderful background, the texture looks fab.

  20. Lovely your technique and style. Very creative and wonderful texture’s. I love your matchbox too…very sweet and clever idea to fill it with goodies of JOY.
    Thank you for your inspiration as well.

  21. Patty, I love your “Number 3” which is so beautifully designed with wonderful textures and soft colours! Great artwork!

  22. beautiful card patty, would have never guessed it was bees wax. and hey, didn’t realize the birthday was coming up hahaha thanks for all you do, we love having you on board. how generous to offer a giveaway … pure bliss

  23. Gorgeous card, Patty! Love browsing your work.

  24. Oh Patty! I thought that you used beeswax for this piece. It had that wonderfully warm feeling and look about it. What a sweetheart you are to offer a giveaway….and such an imaginative one too!

  25. I love the Wednesday Stamper piece. It is gorgeous. Did you use a melting pot for the beeswax? This is truly lovely with all the Pearl-EX powders.

    As much as I love the little matchbox you sent me with all the goodies, please DO NOT enter my name in the contest. I already have a truly wonderful matchbox made just for me from you and I would love to see others have a chance to win, and experience your art and your blog.

  26. Catching up on blogs today, Patty and I just wanted to stop and wish you a happy thanksgiving.


  27. Patty, what an awesome piece! I tried wax and you can’t see the impression. Yours is so beautiful and the impressions seems so deep. Gorgeous detail and design, too.

  28. The wax background is really very special Patty, I keep meaning to have another go at this, I even bought a stamp with dots on to do it with but you know…
    The matchboxes are a constant source of amazment to me, I could do with some of those packing skills myself! Mx

  29. #3 is wonderful. I love the colors and the texture is fabulous.
    Your Matchbox is adorable. Looks like it is crackled.

  30. Love your fantastic card and the great background, Patty.

  31. Love your card, so much detail! The content of the matchbox looks pretty exciting too! How does it all fit in? LOL. kxx

  32. Another fun one! I swear one of my new year’s resolutions is going to be to take up one of these (or more!)

  33. Wonderful artwork and idea!
    Hugs, Ilka

  34. I just love your piece for this week, that beeswax must be so awesome to work with. I have never done it, no clue if I ever will….
    Thans for the great theme!!

  35. my what you can fit in a match box huh! I have just come from Carole’s blog (Madness & Mess), what a lovely stitchery you have done for her friendship quilt,
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. I LOVE doing beeswax! Your postcard is great. These “matchbox stuffings” look like such fun!!

  37. You are such an inspiration – if you only knew how many of your projects have set me off on my own journey of creativity. Love coming here every day. And love the little matchbox.


  38. Hey Patty, I clicked on the photo of the matchbox, and it enlarged, and I got to see ALL the cool little goodies in it 😉 What a wonderful idea! I started out doing matchboxes almost three years ago…and I think I got burnt out, because I did SO many…however, now, I am feeling a strong affinity for the humble matchbox once again, and may just have to join that 28-goodies-in-a-matchbox thing! What a cool swap idea!
    Of course, I would LOVE to win yours 😉

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Have a great week!


  39. dear little matchbox.

    I would like to join if there is another swap – I’ll keep an eye out !

  40. Hi Patty,
    Beautiful card, must try that beeswax technique one day!!
    Oh, and your altered matchbox and goodies are scrumptious!! How do you manage to fit so many goodies in!!
    Thanks for the chance of winning it 🙂
    If you ever fancy swapping an altered matchbox with me, let me know!
    Jan x

  41. This is absolutely gorgeous – love the texture, the colours, everthing about it!

  42. Gorgeous Beeswax and a lovely matchbox;o)

  43. I wish to try my luck…as I love your matchbox too much !!!

    Thank you !

  44. Wow Patty, love that background and your 3 is beatiful, you do the most fab beeswax collages, and to think I’m the happy owner of one of your marvellous pieces!! Lucky me!!

    The matchbox looks so pretty too, and such sweet goodies!! Lucky is the winner of that one 🙂

    Have a great weekend wonderful Patty!!

    Hugs, Linda

  45. Your card is amazing! Love that background and I just adore your color choices .
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Gaby

  46. I’m in! I’m in!

    Loved you Thanksgiving post. Very thoughful and thought-provoking! I’m always amazed after stopping by after a few days of absence from blogland to see what you’ve accomplished. All so wonderful–always with that “extra” I so enjoy in art of interpretting more/deeper still than what the piece first offers up.

    German pancakes sound divine as well!


  47. Lovely textured art work Patty! Fab giveaway too!
    alison x

  48. The textures going on in this piece is (are?) AMAZING.

    Did I say I didn’t need to be included in this drawing? Hmmm. That was before I saw the contents of the box– and the box is beautiful too! No, I’m happy with what you sent already!

  49. Gorgeous Patty what you did with the beeswax! And a give away…please count me in:)

  50. Patty how fun!!! I’d love to win your giveaway! Please put my name in.

  51. Oh by the way, I love the stamped and waxed card – awesome!!!

  52. Is it really December next week?????

    I just love your wax collage Patty, it is so soft, so pretty, so beautiful 🙂

  53. Beautiful collage, I’ve always loved the look of bees wax collages.

  54. Hey, what the hey, and why not. But all the other commenters, don’t worry I never win anything. Your collage is lovely and you are so good with your beeswax! Hugs,

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