just do it … * twinkle *

a few different friends have talked about creating Christmas journals this December … I really like the idea and decided instead of worrying about finding my twinkle …. I better just dive in

this blank garden journal (with a magnetic closing) seemed the right size (6 x 8.25 inches)… I will decorate the covers last … I just happen to have another garden journal that I will use to create a spring/garden inspired altered garden journal in 108 days (first day of spring is 20 March 2010 here in Virginia … that countdown does not rattle me as much as the days til Christmas countdown!!!)

I began by gluing a few pages together … not an exact science with spiral bound pages … but I am not going to let a few uneven pages slow me down … I can glue pages while I’m watching TV and they will be fine

a couple of years ago a local coffee house had napkins with this logo: FEEL THE TWINKLE … I just Love that … I had hoped they might repeat it … but it seems my couple of  ‘feel the twinkle‘ napkins are more valuable than I thought … to me at least


I used a stamp I carved a few years ago of two birds holding a star for the top of the left page … a little more stamping and some gold and tan gouache

after a long wait at the Dept of Motor Vehicles today I spotted the fabulous smooshed blingy button in the parking lot … that’s when I knew it was time to start my journal … it really is a shame that someone lost this special button cover… I wonder if they’d feel better knowing it was rescued and given a new life …

here is a wonderful idea from Julie Prichard who is full of great info … if you have not seen her  “Inside the Artist’s Journal”  videos (there are four as of today) … so worth tuning in to…she gives book reviews…what’s hot and happening AND you get to watch her paint … always a treat and an inspiration … cool music too!

Julie writes a summary (or testimony as she calls it) on the back page of her art journals telling what was going on with her and her family and with the world in general when she finishes the journal … it can really shed some light on your journal pages years down the road … she talks about that in her “Inside the Artist’s Journal: Episode 4”

“Begin at the beginning,”, the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop” ~Lewis Carroll

14 responses to “just do it … * twinkle *

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! You’ve got a totally awesome start to what will be your best December EVER. It’s amazing how you slow down and savor the days before Christmas when you stop, THINK, and journal about each day. Even if it’s just a few words. Maybe it’s not too late for me. I hadn’t created a December journal this year, but yours is inspiring me not give up on the idea yet.

    Your carved birds stamp is wonderful!


  2. A fine start for your journal. Pages are fabulous. Um, seems like Starbucks stopped with printing cute little sayings on their cup wraps too. Happy December


  3. I’m not sure what impressed me more about this post: the button cover that inspired you to start a journal, or the stamp you carved!! I see you’re like me and finish the cover once the book is finished. Way to go with the journal project.


  4. I put mine together over the weekend. I wasn’t going to do it and then I saw last year’s and realized I HAVE to do it again. Love your stamp of the birds and star…you are such a star yourself, Patty!!!


  5. You carved those adorable birds, Patty?!? You’re a woman of many talents!!! Love the idea of journaling Christmas, and I love your pages. Hugs, Terri xoxo


  6. Oh wow this is wonderful. Love the gold accents. Great design and stamping.


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  8. Beautiful !
    Thank you for sharing the link !


  9. am loving this ….


  10. Love what you are doing. So many technique.


  11. What a great idea Patty, love this!! Your bird stamp is wonderful, I’ve never tried carving a stamp and this image is so inspiring!


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  13. parking lot bling! patty, how do you keep all this bits and bobs? (oh dear, did i just say bits and bobs?)… it’s amazing what you do with them.

    i had to follow through the other journal linking here.


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