Christmas Postcards for You

wanted to share a few postcards from my collection

*FREE Downloads for your personal use*

double click for the largest image

“A Merry X’mas” 1908 sent to Master Edmund Sleeper from his Aunt and Uncle

“A Happy Christmas” 1908 sent to Miss Margaret Summers

sent to Master Henry Fogelsong (Birdsong) 1915

“Merry Christmas” sent to Miss Gladys Welsh 1913

1910 to a Mrs. Wootten in Florida

1907 silk postcard made in Germany… mailed in the US

15 responses to “Christmas Postcards for You

  1. So beautiful! Thank you, Patty! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  2. Beautiful cards! Thank you, Patty!!!!


  3. You have a fabulous Postcard collection. Thank you.


  4. Hi,

    I have not been on the blog for quite some time..but it is so lovely to see these postcards !
    I think Christmas season is an extremely cheerful and pretty time of the year


  5. lovely thank you patty, i love how you personalise them….

    had to giggle at the postcard you would never put on the fridge door……


  6. So nice to read who these were originally sent to and a bit of each postcard’s history. Thanks for sharing these. They are beautiful.


  7. Patty! WOW! Thank you SO much. Your postcards are all so beautiful and you are so generous to share them!

    Happy Holidays! xxoo Marilyn


  8. What a cute postcards! Love them! And loved looking at your decorations… it’s so different from mine and I do love it!


  9. Thank you! These are beautiful! My favorite is the first one. Maybe because it is so primative. What a great a collection adn so generous of you to share.


  10. you really are the BEST! xo
    ps thanks for the tip, I changed the link!


  11. These are terrific. For whatever reason (call it mass chaos) I have lost my entire vintage Christmas card collection. I know it is somewhere in the house, somewhere in the Christmas things, and it will surface come June or July or whatever — but it’s making me crazy! So, it’s fun to see yours!


  12. Thanks so much for this lovely freebies.
    You are so great.


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  14. sweet freebies, patty tfs xo


  15. Merci ma chère Patty pour le partage.


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