May All of Your Xmas’ Be Bright

these pages began with the gold and tan greeting card from the Hartsfield’s in 1930 … mailed from Douglas, GA to Tryon, NC


gold gouache for the background and black felt tip marker for doodling and a flimmersterne as a centerpiece on the left with a lovely Paper Whimsy lady in the center

8 responses to “May All of Your Xmas’ Be Bright

  1. Gorgeous Patty! Love the look of that gold gouache! Your doodling is perfect!

    Have a joyous holiday!

    xxoo Marilyn


  2. Super-gorgeousness!
    (I thought the right hand page was 3D at first.)
    Just had to google ‘flimmersterne’……aha, a chocolate connection!!!

    May your christmas be bright Patty…….


  3. OMG your entry is extraordinary.
    Fantastic shining work. Love them.


  4. Stunning. Your December 2009 journal is becoming a beautiful work of art and what fun it will be revisiting year after year!


  5. “All shiny and bright” are words that come to mind when I see this lovely journal entry.


  6. These pages glimmer with the joy of the season, Patty! They’re beautiful! Holiday hugs, Terri xoxo


  7. Patty your journal pages are fabulous. Wonderful use of the flimmersterne. Your postcard is gorgeous on this spread. Love it.


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