… bells are ringing

the sweet twins image from Art Creations Friday was part of the inspiration for these December Journal pages


music was the other … there is something about hearing young children sing that goes straight to the core of my heart …  some years ago  I went along with one of our son’s boy scout troops to visit an elder care home around Christmas … there was a slow and modest trickle of little ladies and gents, several came in wheelchairs ready for a break in their day… the sight of them and the sound of those rascally boys sweetly singing Christmas carols took me to the edge … I opened my mouth to sing along, but the words just would not come … it was all I could do to not break out in sobs (last time they invited me to come along hahaa)

the power of music is amazing … forget about singing

Auld Lang Syne sniff sniff 🙂

for a look at all of my December journal pages thus far you can visit my Flickr Photostream here

8 responses to “… bells are ringing

  1. Patty! I love those images and your spread is just awesome. The music sheet is great and your journaling around the image and the music – fabulous!

    Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming year! xxoo


  2. I read the journal words before I read your typed words. As I was reading, I thought how, despite how you were not ready or in the mood for it, Christmas came anyway, just like the flood of emotions that came when I read about your “caroling” experience.


  3. Yet another lovely addition to this glorious season’s journaling! Love it, Patty! And thanks for adding the FLICKR link so that I could see these great pages en masse. Hugs, Terri xoxo


  4. I loved this the first time around – and love it just as much this round. Your story of the boy scouts remind me of my grandmother taking my brother and me to the “county home” to sing songs to all. Those memories are sweet as will your son’s be! hugs, M


  5. I understand completely. I get a little teary when I go to my grandgirls (both first graders) Christmas singing programs.

    Such sweet memories being made.



  6. Very nice. I love music, and I agree with you regarding its power. I hope my son Boy Scout troop will do that one day (they might not take me with them as they know me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Lovely pages Patty. Wonderful sentiment and oh so right on children singing. Love this.


  8. i am just strolling through your recent journal pages – they are all so wonderful!!
    i wish you all the best for the new year, patty! i´m looking forward to all your creative impulses!


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