seeds of change …

before ringing in the new year last night I put the finishing touches on a couple more December Journal pages …

inspiration came from several places … the gorgeous image Marilyn Rock shared on her blog … then a pomegranate (one of nature’s more beautiful and mysterious fruits … delicious and healthy too) which was cut from a leaflet I picked up at the supermarket on how to open pomegranates … had to have it because of the picture …

I have finally gotten better at opening the fruit and removing the seeds … practice practice practice 🙂

seeds of change

the blue Turkish tile image that I cut and used in pieces is from Wikipedia … such gorgeous colors … the pomegranate inspired me to add a touch of gold to the spread, something I would not have done on my own … can’t beat Mother Nature!!!

… here it is Twenty Ten … a bit easier to say than two thousand and nine … I am one that likes to ease into change …  for at least a few days I’m sure I’ll hear myself saying .. 2010 … already!!!

have you chosen a word to guide and inspire you into the new year?  I forget my word from last year … oh my! but the word BALANCE keeps coming to mind … could be the same word from 2009 ?

asked Mr Magpie what his word for 2010 would be (didn’t say inspiring and such) … he said “undecade” … he is annoyed at the talk of this being the beginning of a new decade because according to him it’s not … please … don’t get him started … 🙂

Happy Healthy New Year One and All!!!

“Enter these enchanted woods, You who dare” ~George Meredith

*** I am joining in Ana’s Friday Archive Dive with this post ***

18 responses to “seeds of change …

  1. Patty! WOW! Isn’t it amazing where we get inspiration from? I love pomegranates; their color is so lush and gorgeous and the texture alone! Plus; a really terrific antioxidant 🙂 I love your pages inspired by the colors and adore your use and inclusion of the image I shared. I am just blown away here! You are such an inspiration to me.

    Also; I have chosen my word to inspire me for 2010 and it is SHARE! xxoo


  2. Love your post. Love your pomegranate, the reds, gold, and blues are wonderful and luscious! I had no word last year although I read many blogs and their chosen words. I think this year will be my “undecade” of organization….. LOL!


  3. I love those pomegranates! Happy new year, Patty!


  4. I’ve grown fond of pomegranates, too. And this spread really shows them off nicely. The blue and gold are awesome accents additions to the red of the fruit.

    Like Mr. Magpie, I agree. This is NOT the new decade, but I can’t fault those to whom math is a second or third language (grin).


  5. I love it!!! I also love the dark chocolate pomegranate seeds!! Can I request some on your next trip out here????????? No Trader Joe’s here….:>(


  6. Wow those colors are just beautiful , they really pop! I have to ask you ,what kind of camera do you have? I’m in the market for a new one and your pics always look so great!
    Have a wonderful 2010. I look forward to sharing our Love of art in the coming year!


  7. Beautiful journal pages. Love the pom’s but I hate to pick the seeds. Your Lady image is gorgeous. Happy creating.


  8. I’m sooo happy to see that I’m not the only one who makes a purchase based on the future use of a pretty graphic! LOL! Gorgeous, gorgeous pages, Patty. Love that luscious color combination.

    Hmmmm . . .I’d say “anticipation” is my word for 2010. So many wonderful things just waiting to unfold. Hugs, Terri xoxo


  9. Loved your post and now I’ve gotta’ experiment with a pomegranate and some of those chocolate covered seeds too. I love the lush colors of nature that you used too, so vibrant. A great visual and a great read.


  10. hi patty
    beautiful art as always=and how i ever love pomegrantes!! i can only imagine how wonderful they taste covered in chocolate! yum yum!!
    thanks for sharing
    enjoy your day


  11. Patty Pomegranates take me back 41 years when I was pregnant with my first child…Oh I ate 6 a day and way back then they were hard to come by in england and sooo pricey too, but I had to have them…and if I didnt oh my gosh.

    I didnt eat them at all lady like the juice would be running down my chin with the first 2 and then then DH would put them into a bowl for me….lol.

    thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    your pages are gorgeous

    chriss x


  12. Oh wow your book entry is extraordinary.
    Fantastic design. I love them.


  13. oh, this is gorgeous, love the blue and these images, just brilliant!

    Blessings, Maria


  14. gorgeus pages, I loved them, such bright colors : )

    I’ve never had pomegranate myself, so I wasn’t aware there was a “technique” to open them, lol. They look tasty~~


  15. I love how you find your inspiration for colors and textures Patty, and I love the pomegranate , I remember as a kid picking out the seeds with a regular old pin or sewing needle.
    The chocolate covered poms look very interesting, did you enjoy them?

    Your journal pages are fantastic and the colors on this one are WOW. I love the words around the pom… “seeds of change”! I see a big change in your artwork over the last few months too so it really seems the perfect phrase.


  16. another fantastic spread!! looking forward for continued inspiration at you blog in 2010!!


  17. Your journal pages are exquisite!! YOu totally captured the feel of pomegranite there! My word for 2010 is ‘Magick.’ Balance is a wonderful word for a focus. Even if it was your last year’s word (did you recall last year’s?). When you think of it, we can honestly never ever have too much balance. Oh I’m blushing in embarrassment now because I’ve been calling this a new decade, as well. But the new decade really begins with 2011, doesn’t it?


  18. thank you patty! i recently shared a tweet about pomegranates. they’re amazing things! i’ve had them since i was young and they still fascinate me. beautiful photo, thanks again for sharing one last time 😉


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