Tea Shop or Not

here is a peek at part of a local grocery store’s tea department… it is quite extensive … I was just looking

I cannot tell you the name of the market because as it turns out I was told (nicely) that photos were not permitted in the store … who knew!!! … it certainly had never come up before!

no plug for that store I guess …

hoping your T Tuesday is full of fun surprises …

won’t you join me for a  cup of my favorite homemade Yogi Tea and have a listen to some Jack Johnson

I so enjoy music where you can actually hear and understand the lyrics …

be sure and visit with the other tea folks over at Kimmie’s blog

17 responses to “Tea Shop or Not

  1. Looks like a terrific market! Thanks for sharing Patty! Have a joyful day! xxoo


  2. Photo looks a lot like Wegman’s tea shop.
    Why would any shop not want photos for advertising? We buy Chai tea powder at Trader Joe’s. Anxious to try your receipe.



  3. oooh got into trouble did you? lol

    blow the tea, look at all those beautiful teapots and glazes jenxo


  4. It kind of reminds me TJ’s- but I don’t recall them having those beautiful teapots -I WANT one, or two, or three!!! And I LOVE the boxes they come with!!! They probably thought you were a spy for another shop!!! LOL do people even DO that any more???


  5. I got into trouble like this in Santa Fe, I wanted to shoot pix in a tiny Chocolatier, and oh … my… no pictures…blah blah blah, so I won’t be sending folks THERE!!! lol! xoxo


  6. Bummer to not allow photos! I’ve also been reprimanded (and I always ask before snapping pics). Bahh, Humbug! In any case, I’m glad you had a chance to grab a few pics, ‘cuz I’ve never seen such an amazing ‘tea department’. Thanks for sharing, Patty! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  7. Love these pix too, looks suspiciously like Wegman’s to me.


  8. Lots of tasty tea there…I tried to take some fotos in a furniture store once…not knowing that such a thing was “not allowed”…they tried to confiscate my camera!!!! Even though it was just cause I wanted to save my husband a trip to the store….we ended up buying the furniture later …..but they said they thought I was a SPY for their competition 🙂


  9. This store (begins with a W) has been in the Fortune 500 top 10 list for 13 years. They’re pretty awesome….and their tea shop is wonderful! I love the different chai teas and holiday teas. Super duper plug for them, Patty!


  10. Cool “grocery” store. What a reminder that we aren’t in a 3rd world country. Weird about the pictures though – are they afraid of letting some marketing secrets or something? sheesh ….

    Happy T today Patty …. now I’m off to read today’s post for Haiti.

    Hugs to you, Kimmie


  11. wow a gorgeous shop and great pics too.

    need to find out about your T total monday.

    what’s it about?

    you received some lovely parcels.


    chriss x


  12. Oh so sad you are not allowed to take pictures inside a store. And there was a lot of tea. But now with all the lovely flowers I am ready for spring. Alas it is oh so far away. Your pictures will have to do.


  13. I’m glad you got the pix in before they stopped you! It’s a beautiful spot. I hate it when folks say that — and it seems so counterproductive. I could MAYBE understand if someone was worried about “copying” an original design (I was reprimanded at an art fair, and I was just taking atmosphere shots, not shooting specifics. But I suppose I could understand that.) But in a retail store? Really! I have told people I am shooting for a blog post and that usually stops them, but I haven’t had a lot of trouble like that before.


  14. Hey Patty- sorry you got busted, but perhaps because the displays were really pretty they thought that you would copy them (ha- ha)? Oh well, the pics made for a nice post, and who knows maybe if they saw it they would thank you! Thanks for sharing… hugs Christen


  15. How inhospitable of the store policy makers, but what a wonderful tea shop within. Enviable. I try never to become discontent with what this area has to offer, but reminders of the DC area fair does tend to make me so. It’s probably best I don’t have a shop like that close by…

    Happy, happy tea day.



  16. Greetings,

    A great selection, the best I have ever seen. As for not being permitted to take pictures, it is true about every corporate establishment. I have even been forced to delate images in front of the manager, but it does not keep me from trying.

    Small private held shops are more relaxed, especially when one asks. Glad you did manage to keep your images.

    Warmest regards


  17. How did I miss this !

    OOPs !


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