Special Tea on a Thursday

dear friend Lennie and I headed for the country yesterday … not quite a two hour drive each way to meet two special friends for tea …  not as long  a ride as it sounds when you’re chatting the entire way

of all things … I forgot my camera which hardly ever happens

so I can’t show you the beautiful rolling hills in shades of gray and brown and the wonderful trees showing their ‘bones’ against gorgeous white fluffy cloud filled brilliant blue skies …  the fields of glowing green planted with winter wheat (we believe it was) … but I do have a few photos of treats that I brought home and there were lots … our friend and hostess, Judy Post, really outdid herself … her house and table were SO festive and lovely

tasty hot soup … gorgeous tea sandwiches … delicious scones … in special shapes … a wonderful selection of tea cups (Judy collects them) and a choice of piping hot tea … fresh fruit and more … Lennie brought primroses for everyone and fun signs … I got “LOVE”

lots of Love … tea cup favors cleverly filled with soap by our hostess Judy

Pat had wonderful tea cup bird feeders and birdseed for each of us … no two alike

Judy also needle punched snowman pins as favors … she is a master of Russian needle punch

we made time to stop by a great little shoppe in Broadway … full to the brim with lovely items … they hope to serve tea in the future there and have tea classes which sound really interesting

Judy generously shared some of her mother’s vintage lace and fabrics … some from the early 1900’s  …  Judy’s mother was an expert seamstress and dressed dolls in her collection in period costumes that she created … Mrs King also crocheted beautifully … Judy comes by her talents honestly … what a treasure trove of precious pieces!!!

lastly a great quote from a selection that Judy shared with us

“The tea party is a space for the soul.  You leave your cares and work behind.  Busy people forget their business.  Your stress melts away, your senses awaken.” ~unknown

it was one fabulous hen party … thank you dear friends!

19 responses to “Special Tea on a Thursday

  1. OH Patty, you did a fantastic job with your words and pictures and I can close my eyes and see it all. It was a wonderful day for all of us to get together and now everyone can read your blog and see it all there . Thank you dear friend, you are a Treasure I love to share! Lennie


  2. What a fantastic day you had with friends. How special! Lovely photos and fun post. hugs,


  3. oo how wonderful!! lucky gals, indeed, to have such a lovely hostess & party!


  4. Although it’s too bad you forgot your camera, you made an excellent reenactment of the day. At least you showed the amazing gifts everyone shared. This post really drew me in.


  5. Yes, great “re-enactment”!! My bird feeder looks wonderful in the ground!!! They are not in my Etsy shop yet- mailing the tall ones would be too costly, I think- but I should have a flowerpot sized one in the in the next few days!!!


  6. I just took a second look – did the birds eat all that seed?? Or did you fill it to the brim for another pic???


  7. awww, what fun! sounds like you had a great time! i agree the ride just doesn’t seem as long with a friend!! xo


  8. Patty; So happy you shared these moments with friends. Thank you for sharing so we could “join in” a little 🙂 xxoo


  9. What a perfectly delightful post…so much strikes my fancy. Glad Pat got to meet up with you girls this time. Her feeders are precious. The lace and fabrics are beautiful! My mother’s maiden name was King. So glad you posted Tea on Thursday!



  10. Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us, Patty. It sounds like you had an opportunity to make many happy new memories. Nothing’s better than sharing the good company of friends! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  11. How lucky to have a group of friends that you can share these wonderful moments, treasures and interests with! Happy day to you dear one… C


  12. Patty – these are such beautiful photos, especially the lace. Thanks for your comments. It feels wonderful to take part in Gothic Arches again and I so love inchies. I really love the snow and cooler weather – I love to take walks in the cold . I hope you have a great weekend.


  13. What a wonderful way to spend a day….seeing that antique lace reminded me of the beautiful crocheted table covers and small placemats which have been handed down from our great-great grandmother. Lovely memories.


  14. Oh Patty… it sounds like a wonderful day! Where you dressed like Alice? I can’t help seeing you as “Alice” when I read this! And what a wonderful bird-feeding-cups. Love it! Whishing you a nice weekend dear!


  15. What a lovely day you had. I love the crown!!!


  16. Oh so glad you had a happy tea day. With wonderful treasures for sure.


  17. Dear Patty–I’m once again amazed @the great job that you do with words & photos. Even if I hadn’t been there, I would have enjoyed the adventure. Your are truly blessed with many talents. Our day was wonderful-we made another great memory..many thanks for sharing your talents. Your December Journal was outstanding….love…JUDY


  18. wonderful post Patty

    chriss x


  19. Cuppa tea, lace and pretties! How I love it!


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