a breath of spring

we have been having a “real” winter for the first time in many years … with more than our fair share of snow

breaking snow accumulation records set back in the winter of 1898 – 1899

here is some of what is still left in our back garden which gets part sun

I have enjoyed it very much … we may get another snow or two before it’s said and done … Cat speaks so eloquently on snow in her recent post here … be sure and read what she has written as you enjoy her photography … she lives in the land of snow … a fun thing she shared with me was someone who had this to say about snow … “it’s not like it’s attacking us!” … too funny!

there is some magic in enjoying the season you’re in … embracing it for what it is … remembering  that nothing lasts forever

that said … I am a huge fan of flowers

I spotted these cheery windows recently at our local Anthropologie

fantastic what they did with recycled plastic bottles and spray paint … you can double click for an even closer look

beautiful … can’t wait for them to redo the inside of the store too … their displays are always so imaginative and lovely

speaking of a breath of spring … you will not want to miss the wonderful and magical giveaway here !!!

as we ring out the month of February … enjoy the full moon tonight

and in the words of William Shakespeare

“Why, what’s the matter,
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?”

~ Much Ado About Nothing

19 responses to “a breath of spring

  1. Love these pictures Patty! I adore those flowers through the window – just awesome! We’ve had more snow, this week, than the whole winter. I just got back from a walk in it; love walking in the snow! Thanks for sharing this touch of spring 🙂 xxoo


  2. These are fabulous, what a bright spot of spring! and thanks for linking to Cat, it was a refreshing take on snow…. C


  3. What a wonder you have created in words and pictures. Love it.


  4. wow those flowers in the window…made with plastic waste…what a good idea!!! I am making a “bunch” of flowers right now…out of paper though….all kinds of colors….PINK ones too…I wonder for who? 🙂
    Have a great Sunday,,,,


  5. Patti ~
    Your backyard looks much better than a few weeks ago! Thanks for giving us such a good post on hope and contentment! (PS.. I love your dress for Margaret’s dress challenge, I am thinking about doing one for this month!)
    Many Blessings!


  6. Bei uns wird es langsam auch Frühling. Wunderschöne Bilder Patty. l.G. Alexandra


  7. awww! thanks for linking me toots! your back yard looks better than mine on the north facing, but the south face front yard is brown grass! all melted! how I love the color brown! those flowers are spectacular A. really has it goin on!!! xoxox


  8. Thanks for sharing the anthro flowers… I really needed an Anthropologie fix! I’m glad you are enjoying your snow. I’m enjoying the sun and 70 degrees today in southeast Texas! Woo Hoo!


  9. I really loved Cat’s awesome snow post. I saw it last week (after all, this IS Sunday) and fell in love with her pics. Love yours, too. I can’t believe you gals all still have snow and we have yet to get any that lasts more than two days. They sure make for some beautiful posts, though.

    And yes, my friend Scott wrote all the code to my blog makeover based on my layout. He studied Blogger for a few minutes, then set out to make what I asked for. Of course it took him nearly five hours to do it, since he insisted on writing the code his way.


  10. coool flowers patty!!! i’m waving at you in the window…hi!!!


  11. After living MANY years of my life in a climate where winter monopolized most of the calendar months, i’m trying to keep an open mind about that white fluffy stuff! ha! But since it is a rare occurance where I live now, I do get excited to see it when it graces our parts. If I still lived in a winter climate, I think I’d plant 100’s of those Anthro flowers in my backyard during the winter! How fun would that be? Love those flowers.


  12. Shakespeare summed it all up so well; it’s the PERFECT quote for the month, Patty. I DO love freshly fallen snow – just not so much of it all at once! LOL! (Great minds think alike! I, too, took a picture of my snow-covered welcome mat!) The recycled flowers are pure genius. Kudo’s to Anthropologie’s creative team and to YOU for spying them through the window. Hugs, Terri xoxo


  13. Hi Patty,
    What a great post! I agree how it does seem easy to just change our attitudes about the weather. There is certainly much beauty in the snow, but also much greater anticipation for those lovely warm days too! LOL Thank you again for mentioning my giveaway. You’re a sweetheart. :0)
    (Blinkles Boulevard)


  14. Where is our local Anthropologie? I would love to see them person. When do you ever have time to shop? I’ve seen some plastic flowers made out of recycle cups that were melted a bit to curve. Let’s try our hand at it.


  15. Patty I swear you find the most wonderous things to show people that live like mushrooms – meaning me. What a beautiful find. I have been looking at them longingly.


  16. Nice to see you have survived the snows with a sence of joi de vivre!


  17. Beautiful and enchanting!


  18. What delightfully colorful window displays to brighten up your wintry world.
    Hugs and blessings,


  19. Thanks for more recycled flower photos. Now to find some empty bottles.


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