WS: Women’s History Month

there are so many women of note that came to mind for the WS Women’s History Month theme

I could not pass up the chance to do a Frida Kahlo piece

it all began with a sardine can

and beeswax at our local altered arts group gathering

torn map and tissue papers …  bits of lace … a piece of metal zipper and a crepe paper Memorial Day poppy made by a veteran in 2005 (see it’s good to hang on to things sometimes)

the final touch was the red ribbon holding a mother-of-pearl sacred heart pendant that I have also had around for a while

one word from this American Art Stamp (Designer: Kathleene Callei) went into my Frida shrine

be sure and visit Wednesday Stamper to be inspired by our guest designer Sherry Goodloe …  she created an amazing reversible Fragments necklace for this week’s theme to celebrate women

* * Happy St Patty’s Day … here is a sweet Irish tune for ya * *

28 responses to “WS: Women’s History Month

  1. Marilyn J. Rock

    Patty; such a beautiful tribute to Frida with your creative artwork; this is stunning. And – all in a sardine can! WOW!

  2. wow! so fentastik and magistik!

  3. What a wonderful way to use up those fish tins!!
    So colorful and even a zipper!!!
    Thanks for the tip about “gotart4u”….wonderful necklace!
    Tip for the day…go see “soulbrush.blogspot”
    and look for Wednesday 17 March Animal Wednesday # 93… won´t believe your
    eyes!!!! Have a sunny day!!!

  4. Patty…thank you for the St. Patty’s Day
    Tune…my Bruce was buried at sea.

  5. OH, Patty – she came out beautifully. I so enjoyed seeing her while you were making her. I love the finished product. Hugs,

  6. What a fantastic idea with the fish tin, Patty!
    Stunning design. Wow!!!!

  7. Patty, your creation is fantastic and your idea
    (sardine can) is amazing. Great artwork. Love it.

  8. What an amazing idea! And what a beautiful result! 🙂

  9. OMG OMG OMG OMG Oh my Gosh !!!!!
    I´m a Frida fan Patty.
    What a outstanding creation. LOVE IT !!!!

  10. Fantastic take on this theme. Love your altered fish can.

  11. What a superb idea. Your art work is an incredible unique fantastic creation, I’m excited.
    Hugs Anja

  12. This is a stunner. I love working with tins — these little shrines are little gems!

  13. What a fabulous creation, Patty! Standing ovation for you!

  14. FAB-U-LOUS !
    This one is exquisite. Don’t you love it when you hold onto something for a time then the piece
    it belongs to is created and you can finally put it in the perfect place ? I’m all about the interesting details. Love it.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  16. What a gerat creation!

  17. Oh my goodness, this is just awesome!! First I loved the theme and your choice of guest designer and second I LOVE your Frida art!! I just saw Belinda’s wonderful painting of Frida, Picasso style and now you’ve created a wonderful piece of art with her as the center piece as well. If I hadn’t changed my mind at the very last minute you would actually have seen Frida at my blog too, lol

    Well done Patty, gorgeous design and colours!!

  18. I am amazed by the things you reuse in your art. Never in a million years would I have thought of using a sardine can for a frame. Love your tribute to women’s history. And…missed your Tea on Tuesday. It’s always delighTful.


  19. This is the ultimate recycled piece. I love all the materials you used and how you put the piece together. There is a great deal of symbolism in this piece. I studied it for quite some time, enjoying both color and message.

  20. It’s unbelievable how you upcycled this sardine can. The result is stunning and absolutely beautiful!

  21. It’s really beautiful! nd I love to see your pictures, thanks for sharing;o)

  22. Hi Patty, There’s just something about Frida… Wonderful tribute! (What happened to the sardines…?) ~Sharon

  23. Very creative!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  24. Wow Patty deine Tin ist mega genial! Super klasse.

  25. OMG … that is such a fantastice piece !
    I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Gorgeous!Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    xxx Susi

  26. Oh boy, this is so artistic.
    What a lot of work it must have been.
    Very pretty

  27. This is fantastic. Beuatiufl piece of art.

  28. oh wow, this is awesome patty. love the frida shrine, much better than fish content (no fish eater here hahaha)

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