Cherry Blossom Festival 2010

Spring has sprung here in the Washington DC area

the Tidal Basin was buzzing with activity … you can get an idea of the crowds by double clicking on the photo

our weather the past few days has been unseasonably warm

the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy some sunshine

a photographer’s dream

here is a peek at last year’s blossoms

“And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”

~Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant

37 responses to “Cherry Blossom Festival 2010

  1. wow, how lovely! Our country still greay and sad after the winter 😦

  2. Marilyn J. Rock

    Patty! Thank you for sharing these spectacular photos. Mother Nature is quite a painter isn’t she? 🙂 And; the photographer is quite talented, as well 🙂

    Stunning photos and we are in the midst of these warm temps., as well, and everyone is out and about wearing t-shirts, shorts and flip flops! Incredible!

    Happy Spring my friend!

    xxoo Marilyn

  3. I forgot to wish you a very Happy Easter, Patty 🙂

    You take the most beautiful photographs and thank you for the free download.


  4. Hi Patty,
    what for wonderful pictures.
    Have a happy Easter.


  5. This is sooo lovely. I cannot wait to see the cherry bloom here in England. At the moment it is just wet and windy:-( Happy Easter, have a lovely weekend. Petra.

  6. WOW!! incredibly beautiful!!

  7. Absolutely stunning pictures, Patty! Thank you for sharing these lovely blossoms with us. Easter blessings & love! Terri xoxo

  8. Fantastic photos ! Have a wonderful Easter.
    80 degrees in GA today and Spring has sprung.

  9. Lovely photos and poem.

  10. so beautiful those cherry blossoms!!!!!

  11. wow, they’re beautiful!
    cherry trees don’t grow where I live, but I’ve always dreamed of a plum tree ❤ (they kinda look alike, don't they? : p)

    thanks for sharing these wolderful shots!

  12. Now those fotos give me a severe case of Spring fever!!! Just gorgeous. I have been there but never when the trees were in full bloom like this….spectacular!!
    Happy Easter!

  13. These pictures are gorgeous. Looks like you had a great day in the DC area. I was shocked when I saw all the people. They must have come in droves. But I bet their photos weren’t as stunning as yours.

    Have a very happy Easter. Enjoy the unseasonal weather and come home safe and sound.

  14. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter. Your photos are so beautiful.

  15. Gorgeous pictures, Patty….thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you & yours…love…JUDY

  16. Absolutely wonderful shots. The first one of the Washington Monument in the background is my personal favorite, but having said that, they are one of a kind. Just felt like I’d been there by the time I double clicked on all of them. Lennie

  17. Absolutely breath taking photos…you have help fill my heart with colorful distractions and healing white light. My address is 2431 audrey drive west
    in Newark, Ohio 43055…I heard I won one of your miracle wire nests…I will treasure it forever. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. Dear Patty,

    You are so very right when you say it is a photographers dream. We have a cherry tree outside our kitchen and this year I have been photographing it several times a day to capture the different light.

    I love your images and see that you have had a wonderful time.

    Wishing you and your family all the very best for Easter Sunday,

  19. Beautiful photos. I can almost hear the tree a buzz with bees.

  20. Stunning! I love this time of year in DC. My favorite time to visit my parents!

  21. Your photos, as always, amaze me as much as your art work. I want to work on my photo taking this summer. Looks like you had a great day down amongst the blossoms! hugs,

  22. BEAUTIFUL photographs of the cherry blossoms, Patty!!! it must be magical to be there!!

  23. aww just beautiful Patty, everythings so much nicer when the sun shines too… jenxo

  24. After all that snow — Ahhhh!

  25. Gorgeous blossoms…especially the pinky ones!

  26. Oh, how completely beautiful! Thank you for sharing Patty!

  27. Gorgeous blossoms Patty.


  28. wow, wonderful photos, here the nature still needs some time and sun 🙂

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  30. This is another MUST SEE! Love your photos [both from this year and from last year] ! The shot of the Washington monument is spectacular!
    You always find those amazing, reflective water shots and have inspired me to look for the same when I’m out and about with my camera!

  31. Oh my God!!!
    They are so beautiful. Especially the first shot.
    thanks for sharing

  32. Oh wow ! The cherry blossoms are so pretty !!

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