Bluebell Paradise

a short drive from our home … heading away from the city to Bull Run Regional Park

home of the largest stand of Bluebells on the east coast of the US

Bluebells are the star … but there are lots of other wildflowers too … white Spring Beauty … Trout Lily … Mayapple and more

because of extreme heat (90+ degrees…32+ celsius) for the last several days … lots of early spring plants have been a bit stressed not being used to July temperatures in April

washing out the normally vibrant blues a bit … still such a magical fairyland

Mr Magpie and I had a great time with the digital camera … it was late in the day and just before a rain storm … lighting was a bit tricky … we did not let that keep us from clicking away

unlike our jaunt into Washington DC recently to see the cherry blossoms along with hoards of other people … we saw fewer than a dozen visitors on our woodsy 1.5 mile walk

an ocean of bluebells as far as you could see

Bull Run is a free flowing tributary stream of the Potomac River that flows south to the Occoquan River

we took around 150 photos … savoring every minute

Mr Magpie used a flash on the photo above … looking up from underneath

here is the same blossom without the flash … we came home and investigated what this mysterious flower belonged to … the PawPaw tree

rain drops started to fall making it a little easier to leave

we decided it was a good thing that Virginia Bluebells have no fragrance … otherwise as Mr Magpie said we might be like Dorothy and Toto in The Wizard of Oz … asleep in the poppies

hoping the show of blooms will continue … the rain storm is bringing cooler more seasonable temperatures …  I have a date with two special friends to visit the bluebells next week … fingers crossed

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower … Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” ~William Blake

78 responses to “Bluebell Paradise

  1. What a magical wonderful tale you weave of your bluebell trek. I love it – the photos, your words, how special….. I expected the fairies to peek out from underneath all those bells but they were preparing their little domiciles for the spring rain on its way. Great post, as usual… loved the photo of you and the Mr. all appropriately decked out in blue! You did another “breathtaking” moment for me. hugs,

  2. What gorgeous pictures. You made it seem like I was there with you two, except without the exercise and raindrops. Mr. Magpie is a great photographer, too. Loved this nature inspired post.

  3. How beautiful.. thank you so much.. made me feel like I was there..

  4. Oh Patty, they are so magical! Thank you and JJJ for taking all of us on this very special walk.

  5. ooo my thank you for sharing the magic!! is that you and mr. magpie in the bottom photo??? these are beautiful photos, patty!! i saw on the news that the weather has caused the plants to pop all at the same time causing pollen blooms everywhere!!

  6. Beautiful outing !!
    Love the mystical trees 🙂

  7. So many bluebells! Looks very nice there. And you’re both wearing blue tops.. 🙂

  8. Lovely~ Than you for lifting my spirits with this beautiful Post!

  9. Oh what a wonderful day out! I was feeling a little Springy this morning but wow I wish I was there for a day fantastic photos I guess you like plants as I also loved the cherry bossoms (did I say I planr=ted a Cherry tree in my garden when we move in 10 yrs ago) it gives so much pleasure not least of all eating the fruit lol

  10. Love to you and Mr Magpie

    love Dawn xx

    (sorry it cut me off B4 I had finished lol)

  11. I have tried several times to subscribe but to no avail must be word press so hope I don’t miss any thing as I get so forgetful

    love Dawn xx

  12. Magical! There is absolutely nothing like a bluebell wood. I now live in Spain and have seen many delightful things, but the photo’s on your blog are incomparable!! Many, many thanks.

  13. The sea of bluebells is amazing! How wonderful! I’m not sure my allergies could handle the hike but it sure is pretty to look at. 🙂

  14. beautiful (:

  15. I have always wanted to see a PawPaw tree. I thought I may have one on our property but just had a leaf that looked like one…no blossoms ever appeared. I hope the cooler temps today will let the bluebells last a while longer. Be careful with the Mayapples…very toxic parts. Lots are blooming across the road in wooded area.

  16. How about the childhood song: “Pickin’ up Paw Paws and putting them in her pocket” I believe the girl’s name is Sally! Name that song!

  17. Amazing colors–thanks for sharing the view.

  18. “Potomac” …. “Occoquan” …. my imagination is running away imaging what that forest may have looked like about 300 yrs ago with the native people still there …. their garden.

  19. A fairyland to the max! What a beautiful place! And it sounds like a grand time!

  20. Now that is interesting. Your bluebells are quite different to our bluebells here in the UK. They are still lovely and blue though and they grow under the trees just the same.

  21. Yes, those are the hyacinth type bluebells that we get lots of, but we also have a flower in Scotland called a harebell or Scottish Bluebell.

  22. Your pictures are nothing short of amazing, Patty! What an enchanted place! I can almost hear the laughter of wood nymphs and sprites. Thank you so much for sharing your walk. It brightened my day immensely and sparked my imagination too! Have a super weekend! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  23. The images are marvellous, they give such a wonderful sense of Spring. And it is really interesting that your bluebells are so different to the ones here in the UK, I am really looking forward to seeing them in bloom! Have a very nice weekend. petra. x

  24. Oh, such beautiful, beautiful pictures! The spring hasn’t come that far yet here. I’m longing… 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  25. Marilyn Rock

    Patty! My, my, my these photos are stunning! The blue bells are gorgeous and the other wildflowers; just breathtaking. I’m so happy you got the trip in and love seeing you and Mr. there in the photo! Also; that one tree trunk looks like it’s yawning 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your trip! xxoo

  26. Pretty, pretty, oh, sooo pretty!!! Love the hollowed out tree and the paw paw – I’ve been wanting one of those.
    You must be careful – your “mystery” is peeking thru………………..

  27. amazing Pics Patty , it so reminded me of the bluebell woods in England , even had the same haziness thru the trees. just a beautiful place…jenxo

  28. Wow! These flowers are gorgeous! Are those yellow violets too?

  29. Nice photos! Love the fields of Bluebells. Here in Missouri they are in bloom too!
    I took some pictures of them last weekend, will have to post those soon too but your fields are much more abundant.

  30. Joan Blalock

    Thanks soooo much, the pictures took me away! I loved them, very peaceful!

  31. This is Virginia, right?
    It’s beautiful!!!

  32. Marlynn pegged it right… magical. Beautiful. What intrigued about your post preview on Freshly Pressed is your title. We eat Blue Bell ice cream here in TX, so my pea brain conjured all sorts of yummy treats. But your photos were way, way better than ice cream… with no calories. Imagine that. Thanks!

  33. Thank you Patty for transporting me to a place on earth that is disguised and is really HEAVEN. I also received my beautiful bird nest with robin’s blue eggs…exactly three…just like my three daughters. All the delightful design elements are too exciting and I hold them like small relics in my hands. You have such a positive way of living an authentic life as an artistic. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  34. Wow what beauty! Like a small piece of heaven here for us to enjoy…..wish I could be there…..but your photos are the next best thing….thank you for sharing! ….. :} Lila

  35. …amazing. so much colour & life bursting out everywhere! i’m imagining you could even hear it!
    and here i am excited because our icicles were melting today 🙂

  36. beautiful – one or two bluebells out here.
    I did a project at college on ” to see a grain….”

  37. Thank you for the photos! It is real paradise!

  38. Blue-tiful!
    Loved the links and poetry, too.

  39. what a sublime place! fairy land for sure, and those paw paw flowers are incredible!! muah! xoxox

  40. Lovely, lovely…thanks for sharing the beauty.

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  42. Stunning photos Patty! you two look quite at home! fab! Margaretx

  43. Lovely pictures. Fairy-tale land indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  44. ohhhhhhhhhhh patty what a spring burst there!!! sooo gerat. but here in berlin it’s cold onece more again, first green, but less dafodils and tulips …

    wish you a nice sunday. 🙂

  45. PATTY!!!!!! I am covered with awe-struck goose bumps. And tears in my eyes….and mouth hanging open. I have just added this to my list of MUST SEE ONE DAY. Unbelievable. Beauty beyond words. I laughed at Mr. Magpie’s Wizard of Oz thought….for sure, for sure! Mr. Fun just walked by and I told him to come and see these incredible blueberries….yes, I said blueberries. Obviously, I’m still in the aftershocks of witnessing such beauty! Totally incredible shots….
    Hugs to you for sharing, xoxoxo Sue

  46. Wow! Love your photos! Nice job!

  47. How sad for you that those flowers have no scent. An English bluebell wood in spring smells intoxicating as well as being visually delighting. I love spring 🙂

  48. James M. Essig

    These flowers are absolutely beautifull. Since I live about 15 short miles from Bull Run Regional Park, I will have to check them out over the next few days. I sound like a little child when I say this, but blue especially the higher light frequencies of violet is my favorite color. These flowers are just quite plain and simply, gorgeous, especially in the large numbers that are growing along the trail.

  49. These are beautiful Patty! I could get happily lost in there for hours!

  50. abalonestar890

    Beautiful. My sister lives nearby but we haven’t yet made it to this magical place. Next year in Bull Run….

  51. Patti ~
    These pictures are so MaGiCaL!!! I want to just live and dance in them! I’m not sure I would have ever left…. Oh yeah, I’ve got to buy art supplies and eat… well, it was a lot of fun to visit!
    Love to you ~ k

  52. this is a beautiful trek , i salute you two for having such great appreciation for nature and her gifts!…the first time i travelled was to the US in Fall-Winter of last year…while I loved the turning of the leaves and all the fall colors..I would really want to experience spring there too!..someday!…but thanks for sharing..very beautiful indeed!

  53. it is all so pretty! the pawpaw flowers are incredible…they almost look like they are papercrafted….so different looking…….

  54. I’m so glad I came by today of all days to see your peace globe. The bluebells!!!! Amazing!!!
    And so full of peace.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    The photography on your peace globe is just stunning and I love the globe. It is #1685 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery at and will post April 30, 2010.

    Please join us again in November.
    Dona nobis pacem,
    Mimi Lenox

  55. one word; WOW.


  56. looks like a very nice place to go!

  57. this is absolutely fantastic! i wish i could see this in person, your photos are such a delight!
    (we are having snowy rain here today, awk!!)

  58. Colin L Beadon

    Your photos rend my heart. There is an island so beautiful and so almost deserted in spring, where the wild flowers bloom like an English spring 200 years ago. There are no cars or trucks, just a tractor or two and bicycles and your feet, unless you love horses with or without surries. The island is mean 300 feet above the sea, so there are so many views tucked away in her quiet wood- studded walks among cliffs and down to coves.
    Yet, it is an enchanted Island, called Sark. Go there in spring. Go there is spring. Go there in spring, and stay in a small simple hotel, or other simple hospice, so you can get out into nature and be blessed with its bird song- filled spring, and the cry of its wild gulls, and the absolute peace of its island mystery.

  59. Wow…magical place.

  60. Dear Patty,

    I am floored by all the blue bells! This is an unbelievable sight and I have to admit, I wish I could experience it also, so I am very thankful that you have and are sharing it with us all.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  61. I have a similar trail near my house, so beautiful. I wrote about my photography session there. This is a great time of year

  62. Wow, what an incredible sight!! Thanks so much for sharing this magical place with us through your fabulous photos!

  63. Those bluebell fields are beautiful!! lovely photos- thanks for sharing- must be a magical place to visit!

  64. Your pics are simply mind-boggling.

    Are they wild? I should start searching for such beautiful drops of nature in my city. I hope to find something in this city call the Garden city of India.

  65. These are some wonderful photographs and beautiful views! 😀

  66. Beautiful photos – I love bluebells! They grow wild on the back part of my family farm. Thanks for sharing! North Coast Muse @

  67. I love these pictures…and great of you two, also! You have SIXTY-FIVE comments, girl!

  68. These are the most glorious photos ever…arent you glad that spring is here. I love it that when I step out of the door I dont have to hunch to avoid feeling cold anymore !! And I am always pleasantly surprised to discover that the outside is warmer than inside

  69. Me again! I just love this post of the Bluebells and You and JJJ too! I have to have a look every day and I always see something new! You have Blessed all of us with these wonderful photos for 2010!

  70. Oh Patty, how lovely it would be to walk through fields of bluebells… your photographs are completely lovely. And I received your package!! Thank you so much for the beautiful little nest, and all the goodies… you made my day! sending spring blessings…. roxanne

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  72. so much beauty. Hard to believe its real

  73. James M. Essig

    Hi Patty;

    I never did get out to see the Blue Bell Flowers a second time, due to the inclement weather, but I will try again this Saturday.

    Another great botanical sight to see is Meadow Lark Botannical Gardens off Beulagh Road in Vienna. I go there about 4 times a week to walk. I just got back from there about 1 hour ago and it is just so calm and peacefull there.



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  75. loved your pics. i wish i could get out hiking more often. btw, my nickname was magpie growing up 🙂

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