May Bells …

… that bloom in April … these are for you Estivalia … I hope to have a photo of some pink ones soon

whether you call them lily of the valley lirio del valle …  maiglockchen … monwalia … muguet des bois … mughetto … lelietje-van-dalen …

they all smell SO sweet

this year I am focusing on filling my flower press

it takes about two weeks in between pressings

that should keep me busy as the parade of spring blossoms keeps rolling along

last year I altered the top of one of my flower presses

spring fever has set in … I decided to plant a little fairy garden

using a deep bird bath that we’ve had for awhile … a dish garden on a pedestal just off our back porch … still room left to tuck in a few more plants

“Where scattered wild the Lily of the Vale, Its balmy essence breathes.” ~James Thomson

35 responses to “May Bells …

  1. I love your little fairy garden! I’ve been wanting to create one for years! this might be the year…
    xox natalea

  2. woo the Fairy Garden is lovely!

  3. A fairy garden is such a cool idea!

  4. Lily of the valley is one of my favourite scents. They don’t grow well in our garden, I’ve tried but failed! Your fairy garden is so cute, I love the little chair.

  5. Marilyn Rock

    Patty; your little fairy garden is so amazing! Love it. I can just smell those Lily of the Valley flowers! So fragrant and delicate. Can’t wait to see what you do with the dried flowers! Have a joyous day! xxoo

  6. Oooooooooh Lily of the Valleys have always been one of my favorites! And your fairy garden is just the sweetest Patty. That little chair in the blue pot is just perfect for a tired fairy to sit and have iced tea in the garden for a spell *smiles*

  7. I love pressing flowers too…I love how you altered the top of the flower press,,,so lovely and the little Fairy Garden even with a mini chair…toooo cute!! Hey, I see your
    “Zwiebeltopf” toooo……..

  8. I adore the fairy garden….I am more than inspired…I am suffering envy. And those flowers of yours are incredible. I would love to have a handful of those bells right now.ha!

  9. “lelietjes-van-dalen”… oooohhhh, sweet memories! I was in India twice (long time ago) and my friend bought me “strings” made of these lilys every day. Women put those in their hair, and I did too… I can almost smell it again when I look at your pics!!!
    And my-oh-my… I’m soooo gonna make me a “fairy garden” too!!! Awesome! In about three or four weeks I can go work in my little garden (after “ijsheiligen” – ice-saints, which is half May) I’ll post pics then…

  10. The flowers are so lovely and the fairy garden is so magical! Love what you’ve done with your flower press! With as many things as I alter… I never thought of altering a flower press! It’s gorgeous!

  11. My small fragrant lilies are just now sprouting up on the hillside…they offer a promise of new spirits entering the universe and a place to rest my head when I feel weary. Grace and serenity are found in the simplest of wildflowers…thank you for the beautiful inspirations. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. These are the types of posts that send my inspired-creative-desires into a scary frenzy!!! A fairy garden!!!! I love it! You wise little gardener you, by sticking with succulent type plants it allows less watering, lots of interesting texture, and it won’t overpower the rest of your objects. YOU MUST tell me if the lily of the valley flowers press well. Have never tried them. Just seeing them makes me want to find some just to smell them !! I just pressed oobers of the fallen crabapple blossoms. {I dream of making some homemade paper with them!} Your “new” altered flowerpress is ENORMOUSLY gorgeous! Patty, you are such an inspiring gal!

  13. Patty your photos are awesome!!! Thanks for reminding me to get out my flower presses! I love your altered one! And I love your fairy garden!!! That is wonderful! I just finished some stamped, zentangled ATCs if you want to pop over and take a look. 😀

  14. I love this fairy garden! SO CUTE!!!


  16. aaaw, gosh, thanks for dedicating it to me Patty! (:

    your shots are wonderful, love the third (the macro one), will be great for drawing!

    I’m always so so jealous of the wonderful flowers you’ve got. Not in a bad way jealous, though :]

    Happy sunday! (for me it’s a busy sunday, got loads of work to be done!)

  17. My my, Miss Patty… you have been a busy bee while I have been out of pocket lately. Love your flowers and can’t wait to see them pressed. I remember your flower press top and still love it today. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is. Your fairy garden is beautiful and such a special place …. I can even see a wee one peeking out waving at you! Hugs.

  18. Love the small “fairy garden”…shades of our “hypertufa” making days!! It was loads of fun and they are still being used many years later.
    The Lilies of the Valley are one of my favorites.

  19. My favorite scent…in fact the only scent I can wear. Have you tried to dry flowers using unscented kitty litter. I dried some camelias that were deep pink and they came out deep purple. Sprayed them with fixitive after brushing off the powdery litter. Put litter in craft blender to reduce size of pellets. Lovely Fairy Garden…thanks for sharing.

  20. You are gonna make me go outside and pick a little Lily of the Valley bouquet for the dinner table.
    Lovely post and I Love your fairy garden!

  21. Lillies of he Valley are one of my faves. Those sweet little “bells” remind me of fairies and that scent drives me wild. LOVE them!!!

    Speaking of “love” – your fairy garden is enchanting, Patty. Where on eart did you ever find that tiny little chair – so perfect!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  22. Cool idea !! I’ve never seen this The lily of the valley in my country.

  23. We haven’t done our fairy garden yet, we usually wait until May. Yours is precious. Have never done one in a bowl but makes me think we might have two this year ! Have you ever seen the electric blue fairy lights ? We travel to a retreat center in Cedar Mountain, NC to see them. Fairy season there runs mid-May to mid-June. Hoping to see some fairy lights in our own yard one day 🙂

  24. Your garden is adorable and I’m sure it will look tons different in about six months. The thing that struck me the most was how many plants you press that I would never even consider pressing. I plan to rectify that, though.

  25. OK, just saw what I wrote. What I meant was “your Fairy Garden” instead of your garden. My mind sometimes gets ahead of my typing.

  26. Carmen Dyson

    Leave room for the Fairies to land.

  27. I’m back again this morning! Love that altered cover to your flower press, I’m a thinking I should consider doing that, HMMMM! Great idea and I love our Lily of the Valley in their tiny vases.

  28. Love those white flowers stunning and the little FG with the cute chair & Bird house how sweet is that?

    Love dawn xx

  29. Oooh, love this fairy garden!

  30. Patty wonderful little garden, love the little chair, a place for a little fairy to rest.

  31. I didn’t know lily of the valley came in pink! They were my grandmother’s favorite, they are one of my mom’s favorite (she is born in May and lily of the valley is that month’s flower) and so I have a soft spot for them too.

    Your fairy garden is perfect. It is all the garden I would be willing to weed at the moment!

  32. I love the idea of altering the top of your flower press! It’s lovely–and you remind me to get mine out now, not later!

  33. love the idea of your fairy garden.

  34. Wow Patty warst du fleissig in den letzten Wochen. Ich weiss ja gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll mit kommentieren. Super schöne Sachen hast du gemacht und ganz tolle Bilder. Ich liebe Maiglöckchen 🙂 Schönes Wochende l.G. Alexandra

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