Tea and Gratitude … just because

the naughty cup seemed the perfect choice for T today 😉

so many of my thank you’s lately are long  overdue … so here goes

Marit in The Netherlands found out I really Love India

so … just because … she sent me a postcard from when she was lucky enough to visit India some years ago  … along with a card from her homeland … how sweet is that!  I am inspired by her magazine envelope too …  Marit is currently offering two online classes that you can pop over and have a look at …  her lively and ever creative blog is here


Penny of The Linen Shelf and The Hen House … TWO  lovely blogs … shared this very nice award with me

I certainly do appreciate being thought of and being included in her list … naughty me for not playing along … just because … see why I chose that tea cup 😉


look at these wonderful ATCs from my Queen Bee friend, Linda, of Linda Jo’s Obsessions,  wonderful textures in person … along with a couple of her sweet moos … a little surprise in the mail …  just because

another Queen Bee friend Nathalie of An Artist’s Legacy shared a piece of her family’s homespun hand loomed linen from the old country …  yes …  just because … you can visit her here to find out a little more about it

if you don’t know already … Nathalie is a treasure huntress and shares lots of what she finds in her RubyFloy etsy shoppe


AND …  just because …  Linda from Norway sent me the most wonderful collage along with so many other special goodies

I had been smitten by her Celebration of Women collage done for a recent Wednesday Stamper challenge

holding it in my hands is WOW … it is even more wonderful in person … gorgeous postage stamps on the package too

oftentimes words pale to try and express the true kindness of others

and … just because … Kimmie … the mistress of T Tuesday’s sent out sweet stitched tea bag holders as thank you’s for playing along in her fun T Tuesdays … she is the Queen of Inchies and Twinchies … among other things … as you can see above … full of creativity

would you believe I still have people to thank … generous … talented … kind friends … I {heart} you all … just because you are you!  oxoxo

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too. “~ Anne Frank

26 responses to “Tea and Gratitude … just because

  1. Marilyn Rock

    You are loved Patty; all of these beautiful things are expressions of that! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy! Love, Marilyn


  2. Oh, Patty, what a wonderful post. You are a lucky gal and your thank-you’s are always so gracious (and your gifts are well deserved). You spread beauty in our world and you are a marvelous wordsmither…. on your post and in your emails. Best of Tuesdays to you! Hugs and tea….. M


  3. Wonder-full goodies!! I do so “covet” that copper “art” and heart from Linda of Norway!!!LOLGreat India stuff- I may have some India for you – must check my stashes!!
    Linda Jo’s moos and ATCs are perfect too!! Now I know what a “moo” is!!!Nathalie does have wonderful treasures, and Kimmie is talent personified!!! As are you!!!!


  4. Wow! You are a blessed woman who has a shining light on her!


  5. You are the sweetest my dear… how nice of you to mention my workshops! Yes, that connection we have is very special… I’m so glad we met on the world wide web!!!


  6. What lovely gifts you have received. You have truly been blessed with friends from around the world. I suspect that is “just because” you are far nicer than naughty, even though your mug says otherwise.

    Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday.


  7. What a wonderful post! And not just because I am included in it. heehee. I impulsively joined the T on Tuesday parade today, just because I had a noteworthy tea and there was still time to post! ha!

    Where do you find a “naughty” cup? Post Christmas sale? heehee.

    And BTW, I still have a couple of antique linen kits looking for owners. Guaranteed wonderful!


  8. Love that naughty mug, I am wondering if you were “in the naughty” while sipping your tea! I guess I’ll never know for sure! Great gifts too!


  9. Oh you are really loved and have great friends. I am sure you have more than once sent something ‘Just because’ I know I have in the past lol I just think I know it would make me happy so I do it for others, and I am sure you do too, so it’s only nice that what goes around comes around isn’t it? and when we are all doing lovely things we get lovely suprises.

    I will have to visit these people they sound wonderful and I am sure their art is to.

    Love Dawn xx


  10. Happy Tea and Happy Mail today … and your naughty cup is so funny because you Are So NICE 🙂

    Happy Tea today 🙂 Kimmie


  11. Such a lovely tea today with Lots & Lots of eye candy to enjoy along with your tea in the fun “naughty” mug! Lots of great places to visit too! I’m off to explore! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  12. What an absolutely wonderful post!!! ahhhh what wonderful people….what wonderful new blogs you have led us to see….what lovely artwork….a really happy post for us all to enjoy….aren´t you a dear!


  13. In Sweden we have a saying; You have to be a friend to get a friend (maybe y’all have the same saying LOL) anyway, that’s more than true about you. You make everyone feel special, and that’s a gift 🙂 Hugs


  14. I just love what Limar wrote (above).
    my thoughts exactly. 🙂


  15. Oh, my! You are floating in wonderful bits and great beauty! And I love it all!

    I don’t think you are so naughty — if you weren’t so nice, you wouldn’t get such a great mail call!


  16. ooo and i’m lucky to have received a package from you!!! thank you so much and happy tea tuesday! even though i don’t get to play every week, i so enjoy everyone’s posts!!!


  17. Dear Patty,

    It seems we have been naughty and nice! Congratulations on receiving the award. Now you just need to find room for it on the sidebar.

    Also what wonderful friends you have indeed, sending you all those wonderful and beautiful art. You are certainly blessed.

    Wishing you all the very best,


  18. We are so blessed to have such lovely blog friends!


  19. love everything! especially those atcs Linda made! I love her bird art!
    xo natalea


  20. What a glorious blog filled with delightful gifts from the heart…I too love the copper effects. I need to get back to making atcs after the exhibit deadline…they so help me relax. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart


  21. I love this post and can’t think of anyone that deserves these goodies more than you. Are blogging buddies are the best.


  22. What a lovely post patty, such loverly blogging buddies…


  23. Wonderful !! Love all the goodies …so unique !!


  24. What wonderful treasures, that linen looks amazing! Happy T and great to visit with you…. hugs Christen


  25. how did I miss this dreamily wonderful post ?
    I like Natalie’s coment !
    I received Kimmie’s wonderful T Tuesday package today – what a treat. I’m so glad I met you all xx


  26. thank you for joining me for tea on tuesday, sorry a little late getting on my tea round.

    a beautiful post how generous people are.

    see you tuesday. xxx


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