Leave Your Sleep

Leave Your Sleep is the name of  Natalie Merchant’s newest studio album … some may remember her from 10,000 Maniacs (1981-1993)

CD Cover

Ophelia (1998-1999) is a favorite CD of mine

special friends, Debbie and Dave, treated us to a magical evening … we had a lovely meal before the show and then the entertainment which was sponsored by the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC

interesting to note Natalie Merchant had been touring since she was seventeen … around age forty she was ready to settle down and she became a mother ….

that is when she began to set poetry, nursery rhymes and lullabies to music … five years later … with over 130 musicians involved in creating the two disk album … chamber orchestras and bands including jazz, Celtic, Cajun, Balkan Folk and more spanned the Victorian age through the 1950’s

authors include Ogden Nash, e.e. cummings, Mother Goose, Robert Louis Stevenson, Christina Rossetti … to name just a few

this performance was a sampling from the 26 song CD set … with Natalie Merchant … two guitarists and a cello player

no photographs allowed (drat)

she shared interesting facts about each author showing photos on a screen behind her on stage … creating a unique connection between the poet’s lives … their work … and her music

definitely an evening we will always remember!

if you would like to learn more about this  brilliant collaboration here is a nice interview to get you started

“Be true to yourself, and, um, don’t worry about some large companies’ quarterly profit index.” ~Natalie Merchant

footnote: feeling so inspired I created a quick collage

using fabric from a vintage dress … some of Michelle’s precious lace bits and torn peeled napkin

my collage fits nicely in this weeks’ Three Muses “Music Music Music”  challenge

hard to get enough of Ms. Natalie Merchant

29 responses to “Leave Your Sleep

  1. And I have never heard of this gal before, I enjoyed her interview and the short video too. Thanks Patty.


  2. Wonderful to see Natalie Merchant performing this magnificent work in the flesh I’m sure. Ophelia is one of my favourite cds to craft by. I shall be checking out her new cd – thanks for sharing x


  3. she’s 40? no way! 😮
    I’m more into indie pop and electronica (downtempo, chill) lately. Not so sure about artists, as I listen to internet radio on my iPod 🙂 specially http://www.somafm.com they have a wide selection of music genres, which I find suitable for working/painting 🙂

    I do like Nina Nastasia (gloomy indie) and Thievery Corporation (eclectic lounge/downtempo).


  4. wonderful collage and interesting reading about all this…will check it out.
    my “pile” is getting really “stinky” here and now that the planes are flying and the volcanos are quiet??? what do you say? are we ready?


  5. Nathalie Merchant’s music is powerful! I enjoy it. I can’t imagine how moving it would be live. I’m sure it was AMAZING!

    Love your collage art too! 🙂

    Hugs, Ashlyn


  6. Hmmm, I’m not sure if I know this artist or not. Sounds like you did have a magical evening (that sounds like Disney ad)….. I will check her out. Hope you are enjoying the day….. hugs,


  7. beautiful Patty!! love the fabric and lace!
    Have a nice weekend too!!


  8. I love Natalie and I plan on ordering this new treasure from Amazon after the Kentucky Derby…You were so blessed to be so close to this National Treasure! I love your homage to a poet. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  9. I love Natalie. She is such an inspiring musician. I might just have to check out the schedule for this show to see if it will be anywhere near here.


  10. Your collage art is very beautiful and special, I love fabric and horses.


  11. I can’t think right now…duh…of which song of her’s it was that I was obsessed with for a long time…. must go google her. Glad you had a great evening!


  12. ill have to check her out too Patty, ive not heard of her before either.
    Had a giggle at your title as ive just gotten out of bed[very late] on a lazy sunday morning ..it doesnt happen often enough…
    love your collgage too..jenxo


  13. that looks like fabulous art making music…thank you! i love what you made here….the color palette is dreamy


  14. I have always loved Natalie, but was unaware of this project…thanks for info! How wonderful you got a chance to see her, and sooo inspiring I am sure!


  15. All this and a horse too………………………..:>)


  16. I’ve tried all day to leave a message and finally gave up. I’m back now and just wanted to say how much I like this truly mixed media piece. Love the lace and fabric. They are the perfect touches for this piece. Sorry I couldn’t get here sooner.


  17. OMG Patty what for an unique creation. Looks so beautiful. Fabulous.

    Have a sunny sunday my friend.


  18. I’m so glad you had a lovely evening – thank you for telling us about this lady & your art inspiration is lovely


  19. Your collage is exquisite. It is so creative and original in its design. I haven’t heard of Natalie Merchant but I am determined to seek her out after reading what you have to say about her.
    Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge this week!


  20. A very beautiful stitched collage. Standing O from me.


  21. Beautifully done, Patty. Thank you so much for sharing your talent this week!


  22. Bonjour Patty !
    Très joli collage !
    Merci pour votre commentaire sur mon blog ,
    rassurez vous , le chat n’est pas resté bloqué dans la glycine , il se promène là presque tous les jours !
    Vous pouvez utiliser le module de traduction google inclu à droite sur mon site … je n’écris pas non plus l’anglais! je suis désolée mais je lis !
    Amicalement Mary.KG


  23. lovely music,
    both natalie
    & you.
    i about
    fell over
    in love
    with your
    graced silverware
    april post…
    oh to have
    a set of these
    & dine
    in our green gorgeous world
    with such silver sweetness. x


  24. Hi Patty, Natalie is new to me. Will check out the video later. Your collage conveys Natalie, words and music well.


  25. Sounds like a fabulous evening! Lucky you!


  26. Love your art hunny.

    I have been smelling the blue bells over on my blog I know how you love them, (I even think I saw a fairy)

    Love Dawn xx


  27. Sounds like a wonderful evening…and I have to go and find her music now! What a dazzling piece of art! Your artwork is splendid! LynnF


  28. I love her name! heehee.
    So she left 10,000 Maniacs to write music for insomniacs? ;D

    And how timely to have a challenge to use her in!


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