“Party” is the theme this week at Wednesday Stamper

I am still in Frida mode and created a postcard with another of the beautiful painted backgrounds that the lovely and talented Linda in Norway gifted me with

*you can click for a close up of my postcard*

cutouts from a seed catalog…stamping…with white gel pen highlights

plus one  Impress rubber stamp

Note: to my blogspot friends, I have tried to leave comments on several blogs this morning with no success … I will of course be checking again later

29 responses to “WS: PARTY

  1. Well I am “kicking” things off here by adding the first comment of the day…so let´s get kickin!!!
    Speaking of seed catalogs…I am terrible,,,I order ALL of these catalogs just for the PICTURES….I never order anything,,,I just sit there cutting the things up!!! It is the perfect place to find “pink” flowers when you need them isn´t it!!!?? I love the purple in your piece and of course the pink flower decoration. Great composition too 🙂 Check out that stunner of a necklace she is sporting…wow,,,,wonder where it is nowadays……
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Marilyn Rock

    Patty; I love this arrangement. You have the perfect touch with such cool stamps and the colors are gorgeous! Your art with that luscious background is stunning! xxoo

  3. This looks great !

  4. Love the use of the circle stamp giving a halo effect.

  5. One word: FRIDA…… lol.

    Love your creation and the flower hat is just too cool. Also love the use of the white gel pen. Makin’ Frida look a little “conservative” here? I especially admire in this piece how “brought” foward and higlighted her beautiful face showing some inner serenity here.

    FRIDA……. you are always in the mood for your girl just like I am with mine. hugs

  6. Ahhhhh Frida never looked better, great work Patty dahling?
    Do you like Tequila? I don’t but Vince came home with a bottle on the weekend and it’s named after Frida, so I explained to him that she is a famous artist, he had no idea. I will have to save the label off that bottle, it has a picture of her on it 🙂

  7. This is so fabulous! I love the effect!

  8. must go and see although it will just increase my list of things to do lol I love yr post card

    love Dawn xx

  9. Absolutely gorgeous

  10. I think the dots halo is just brilliant!! xoxxo 4 inches and counting!!

  11. She’s beautiful! (Love that halo effect, Patty!) Hugs, Terri xoxo

  12. Hi Patty,
    thanks for visiting my blog ( and leaving such a kind comment about my collage. I love this Frida piece!

  13. Gorgeous Patti! I am a sucker for flowers, and Freida and flowers is perfect!

  14. she’s so stunning!

  15. Love Frida’s floral chapeau! Looks so natural. I wish I had a disguise like that for bad hair days. 🙂

  16. You rock…I love Frida!!! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen

  17. Oh Patty again a Frida creation.
    So beautiful and gorgeous. Stunning work my friend.

  18. Yes, Frida sure gets around, Patty! Love your creation!

  19. dot ferrero

    Lovely creation…will refrain from culling seed catalogues..have just so much room.
    I have a 96yr.old friend who I wish would use the PC..she would so love to see your collages.

  20. Love this! I’m sure Freda would approve!

  21. WOW Patty, this is gorgeous!! Love how you’ve used the background, your Frida creation is just stunning my friend!!!


  22. Exquisitely crafted, dear Patty!
    You are so inspiring!

  23. Fab !!!! I’m finding it hard to leave comments too –
    let’s see if this works !

  24. I came by as soon as I got home today to find this beauty about the same time I heard our tornado warning. Love the composition of this piece and how you used the images and the circle stamp. Simply wonderful. Hope your day is/was less weather active than mine.

  25. oo she’s stunning! love her party hat!

  26. Seed packets, great idea! ~Sharon

  27. Your Frida looks beautiful.

  28. i love your collage, great colors

  29. oh beautiful backfround and i love the halo surrounding her..great postcard Patty…I love using backgrounds from friends too…

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